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Hi everybody, I'm Lynn.
Thanks for watching my video.
Today we're gonna talk about not worrying about making mistakes in English.
When you speak English, you might make a mistake.
That's okay.
This is a really helpful video, so keep watching.
A lot of my students are scared to speak English because they're afraid of making a mistake.
They think their English needs to be perfect before they even try.
Well, I'm here to tell you that's not true.
Everyone makes mistakes.
It's part of the learning process.
So my tip for you is just try speaking.
Even if your English has a lot of mistakes, or you think it sounds broken, that's okay.
Speaking in English is much better than not speaking at all.
If you don't try to use your English, then you'll never improve.
It's much more important and useful to speak English even with some mistakes than to not speak at all.
Everyone makes mistakes when learning English.
And the person that you're talking to can tell you your mistake.
And that helps you to learn and improve.
So the best thing you can do is just try speaking even if you have a lot of mistakes, that's okay.
Okay, students.
So speak, speak, and speak some more!
Just keep trying!
I know when my students speak English and they make a mistake, I don't care.
In fact, I'm really happy that they're trying their English.
I know English is hard, but I believe in you guys.
And I know you can do it.
Thanks for watching everybody and see you next time.



英語を話す時、間違いを恐れないで!(Please Make English Mistakes | Learn English Conversation)

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