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Right, roasted vegetables.
Roasted vegetables are fantastic. Absolutely amazing. The theory is pretty simple.
Parboil your veg, salt and pepper, little bit of olive oil, bit of herbage and then vinegar or acid is really important, I think, in roasting veg.
Noone does it I think it makes it.
What I'm gonna do is, in the bowl I flick in my salt and pepper rip up some whole sage leaves, maybe tear up and muller up.
We've got the nice white wine vinegar a good old lashing of that.
We've got some olive oil, just enough to coat the carrots and then we've got our lovely carrots and then we've got mister garlic.
So look in there, right, we've got everything going.
Start tossing it up.
I've got my roasting tray here I'll put a bit of olive oil just to get them all going in there and you just lay them.
Like that, and there you go there's that carrot story.
We start again, so we go.
Salt and pepper, orange this time and then we got thyme and then we got your purple carrots.
Olive oil.
We can put these here and they shouldn't affect each ofther too much with the old flavour.
You know the juices might sort of go here and there it's not the end of the world.
Salt and pepper marjoram oregano, lets go the lighter beetroots, red wine vinegar
Olive oil, lets have the rest of that garlic make my life easier and just cut the whole fella up.
The garlic, herb vinegar, pepper, salt, marjoram that's going to be a joy.
An absolute joy to eat.
So we take that and put that there.
Finish with the purple beets.
Salt and pepper, rosemary take off whole leaves, balsamic vinegar, tiny bit of olive oil, and mix that up in your hand.
I'm just going to put that at the end here that is exciting.
All I have to do now is pop it in a roasting hot oven.
About two hundred and twenty for about twenty minutes/ half an hour, or, until lovely, golden and sizzling.
So just keep your eye on them.
Look at that.
That is roast veg.
So if you have gone to the trouble of growing your own beets, carrots, veggies this is a lovely way to sort of send them off in a good way.
Bit of respect. Bravery. Simplicity.
Look at that.
Full of life and that's what cooking should be about innit, being full of life.


Perfect Roast Vegetables | Jamie Oliver

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