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  • You have big feet

  • Yes. Yes, always always have had.

  • You know what they say about men with big feet.

  • No. No. What's that ?

  • Big feet Large shoes.

  • The thing that is so irritating is it now I'm so totally fierce when it comes to nudity clauses.

  • You actually have clauses in your contract about nudity.

  • Definitely. You may show the dent of the top of the artist buttocks but neither cheek.

  • Or if there's a stunt bottom being used artists must have full consultation.

  • You have a stunt bottom.

  • I could have a stunt bottom. Yes.

  • Are people tempted to go for better bottoms than their own ?

  • Yeah. I mean I would. This is important stuff.

  • It's one hell of a job, isn't it ?

  • Hey, what would you put on your passport?

  • Profession. Mel Gibson's bottom.

  • Actually Mel does his own ass work.

  • Right.

  • Why wouldn't he?

  • Absolutely.

  • Its delicious.

  • What, the ice cream or Mel Gibson's bottom?

  • Both. Equally.

  • But you wouldn't necessarily lick both.

  • Well, this is tart.

  • And fuzz free.

You have big feet


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ノッティングヒルでのジュリア・ロバーツ&ヒュー・グラントのバンタリング (Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant Banter in Notting Hill)

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