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  • Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.

  • I am Charlotte. In case you do not know me; I am from Belgium and I used to live in Taiwan for a while.

  • I came back to Belgium early because of the coronavirus situation.

  • I wanted to be close to my family while all of this is happening right now.

  • Anyway, recently I came across a video with the title: “Don't go to Taiwan”. It is made by Tolt.

  • I saw this video in my YouTube suggestions and I was very curious when I saw the title.

  • Don't go to Taiwan”?? I can only think of reasons why I want to go to Taiwan.

  • I was very curious to know the reasons why I should not go to Taiwan. I clicked on the video.

  • When it started, I soon saw that the video issupported by Taiwanso it will probably not be negative.

  • I thought it might be fun to film myself instead of watching it alone and to show you guys my reaction.

  • I do not know if you saw it before. I can see that this video is famous. Maybe some of you have seen it?

  • I do not knowLet me know.

  • Okay, let us start! 3, 2, 1, …

  • This gives me a “Spirited Awayvibe. When she goes to the spirit world.

  • It is made by Tolt and supported by Taiwan, the heart of Asia.

  • Wow

  • Taiwan is just buildings and factories

  • I feel so peaceful when seeing this.

  • Monkeys! Oh my god, that is one of my biggest regrets.

  • I did not see any monkey in Taiwan. First, I thought maybe monkeys are very shy and scared of people so nobody can see them.

  • They are far away in the mountains.

  • But then I made some Taiwanese friends and they told me: “No! You can see monkeys in many places

  • They studied at a university that is famous for having a lot of monkeys on the campus.

  • If you leave some food hanging around, or even books, they will grab it and run away with it.

  • I think that that is hilarious, and it is on top of my list when I go back to Taiwan: I need to see some monkeys!

  • Let us proceed. “Taiwanese nature is completely lifeless”.

  • Taiwanese temples are quite humdrum”.

  • Taiwan is not a destination for outdoor lovers”. That is hilarious!

  • All the foreigners I know in Taiwan love hiking and being outdoors.

  • I wonder where that is.

  • Taiwanese culture is not so diverse”.

  • Taiwan has no gastronomy”. Are you kidding me? Taiwan has the best food in the world.

  • I have not been there. TT

  • I love those

  • Don't go to Taiwan”.

  • The heart of Asia will enchant you”.

  • Oh my god

  • It is a bit overwhelming to see all those things.

  • I am being reminded of all the things I miss about Taiwan.

  • I also see that there are so many places that I have not seen yet.

  • I think this video is beautifully made. I think Tolt did a wonderful job.

  • He truly showed the spirit of Taiwan. Not just images, not just empty air pictures

  • The video is telling a story and showing us the warmth and the spirit of Taiwan in my opinion.

  • I can only applaud him for doing such a great job

  • I think that anyone who is hesitating about going to Taiwan, if they are not sure yet,

  • And they click on this video, expecting to see reasons why they should not go to Taiwan,

  • If you see this, you will be overwhelmed. “Okay… I should really go!”

  • I think there is no question here. Taiwan is so worthy to be seen.

  • I agree that Taiwan is one of the hidden pearls of Asia.

  • Even if people can not openly talk about it sometimes for political reasons,

  • Once you have been there, you immediately fall in love with the place.

  • I think this video translates my love for Taiwan too. I think it is amazing.

  • What did you think about this video? Did you ever see it before or was this the first time you watched it with me?

  • If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you watch it full screen, full quality on Tolt's YouTube page.

  • Let us give him a “like”. I think this video deserves so much recognition. It is truly amazing.

  • Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed.

  • Do not forget tolikeandsubscribe”, it helps me a lot!

  • I hope to see you again very soon for the next video. Bye bye!

Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.


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