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  • Konnichiwa, Fernando Torres Desu. YoroshikuOnegaishimasu! [Hi, I'm Fernando Torres. Thank you!]


  • Yes! Oliver and Benji got me into football.

    コンニチハ、フェルナンド・トーレスです よろしくお願いします(日本語)

  • I was 5-7 years old and I had not touched a ball in my life when they started showing Oliver and Benji on TV.


  • I remember that you had to finely tune the television to find the channel.

    そう、「キャプテン翼」が サッカーを始めたきっかけだよ

  • And I stayed glued to the screen watching Oliver and Benji. Seriously!

    5~7歳くらいに見た それまでは無関心だった

  • In fact, during one of the visits of the President of Sagan Tosu to Madrid,

    チャンネルを変えるのが 大変だったから

  • he brought us a picture of Oliver and Benji where I was one of the characters with the Atletico shirt,

    チャンネルを固定していた 本当だよ!

  • and the painting was signed by the author.


  • They found out that I liked it, and they were kind enough to give me that present.

    「キャプ翼」の絵をもらった アトレティコ姿の僕もいた

  • I love the way the Japanese people are, how respectful they are, the space they give to people.


  • It's something I've noticed in Japan, quite different from other places in Asia.

    僕が好きだと知っていて プレゼントしてくれたんだ

  • It is something that is appreciated, especially at this time of my career.


  • From the match against Sagan Tosu [in 2015],


  • I remember that we were all impressed by the atmosphere in the stadium.

    僕くらいのベテランになると その大切さがわかる

  • There were so many people, the stand almost full, there were huge banners and flags, everyone cheering. We were really impressed.


  • The stadium was almost full and that means that this is a team and a fanbase that wants football,

    あのスタジアムの雰囲気が 忘れられない

  • that breathes football, that lives football, that demands that things happen.

    満員で、大きな旗が沢山あって 本当に感動した

  • It has always been very important for me to have passionate fans behind me, that want things to happen...

    大勢のファンが サッカーを求めていた

  • That's a huge incentive.

    サッカーを呼吸して、生きて サッカーを求めている

  • Yes! We are playing the penultimate day!

    情熱的なファンがいることが 僕には、とても重要だ

  • It will be a pleasure to play against Iniesta. I wish it was with him, but...


  • We can make him a place in Sagan Tosu whenever he wants.

    そう! 鳥栖対神戸は リーグ最終戦の前の試合なんだ

  • Iniesta told me the idea he had [to go to Japan].

    イニエスタとの対戦は楽しみだ 同じチームの方がよかったけど

  • Then everything went as he expected and it became official.


  • He was also aware of my option and encouraged me to follow him there.


  • The reports he had to the league and of the country were very similar to the ones I was given.


  • We have had parallel lives: We debuted together for Spain U-15,


  • we have achieved the greatest successes of the Spanish national team as important players and now we are leaving our clubs

    Jリーグや日本について 教えてくれた

  • in the same year to go to the same league.

    僕らはよく似ている デビューはスペインのU15だった

  • I know the players of the Sagan Tosu

    スペイン代表でも成功した そして今、クラブを代える

  • and also those in the Japanese league who played at the World Cup


  • but will soon leave, I'm afraid.


  • They have played a great role in Russia, despite the tough defeat they suffered against Belgium,


  • because of the way it happened in the last minute of the game.


  • I think they have shown that they are players who, individually, have a lot of potential.

    ロシアで、いい戦いをしていた ベルギー戦は惜しかったね

  • Hopefully we can help to form base from which they can look to the future.

    最後まで何が起こるか わからないのがサッカーだ

  • When making the decision, you try to evaluate everything.

    個々の選手たちには 大いに可能性があると思う

  • And there are points that add up. For example, how good we were treated there?

    日本の未来のために 僕らが役に立てたらいいね

  • The fans, who I'm sure I'll like because I've seen them.

    何かを決断するときには すべてを知らなければならない

  • It's a humble and hard-working city, which is important because that is directly linked to the way in which

    総合的に判断する必要がある 自分はどう扱われるか、とか

  • fans behave and what they are going to demand of the team... It's all related.

    ファンのことは知っていたから 仲良くなれると思った

  • And there have been very few points that left us in any doubt.

    大都市でなく、勤勉な街がいい そういうことって

  • Whenever I have gone to Asia, and to Japan in particular,

    ファンの行動やチームへの期待に 直接つながってくるものだから

  • I have received overwhelming affection.

    疑問に思うようなことは ほとんどなかった

  • I understand that expectations and enthusiasm are very high, and that makes me even more motivated to be up to the challenge.


  • I am not going just to spend two years and see what life is like in Japan. Absolutely not.


  • I'm going to compete, to help the team achieve its goals,

    期待が高いことは知っている だからこそ挑戦しに来たんだ

  • and I hope I can return back all that love that I'm sure I'll have from the first day.

    2年間を無為に過ごす気はない 絶対に

  • Golden retreats are elsewhere... I was looking for a competitive league,

    一生懸命に戦って チームの夢をかなえるつもりだ

  • which would make me feel like I have a challenge ahead of me. And I'm thinking 100% about football,

    初日から僕は厚遇されるだろう そのお返しができるよう頑張る

  • about being a footballer, about doing my best, working hard, being a team player,

    どこでも僕を歓迎してくれる 競争のあるリーグを探していた

  • and I'm available to the team for whatever

    挑戦する価値のあるリーグを 100%サッカーのことを考える

  • I want to be important, to make myself important, to become a reference for my teammates,

    サッカー選手として全力を出して チームの一員として頑張る

  • for the club and to ensure that when I finish my experience in Japan, 55


  • they can remind me only with good words as it has happened to me in all the places where I have been.

    頼られる存在になりたいし チームメイトの模範になりたい

Konnichiwa, Fernando Torres Desu. YoroshikuOnegaishimasu! [Hi, I'm Fernando Torres. Thank you!]



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