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  • -Guys, it's your boy Eric!

  • You guys are gonna freakin' flip right now

  • because guess what came.

  • I ain't messin' around! [ Air horn blares ]

  • I ain't messin' around!

  • The hot tub, baby. El tubo loco!

  • I finally did it.

  • We're talking eight seats, pulsating jets,

  • stereo system preloaded with Coldplay's "Fix You."

  • So, next weekend, I'm having all you boys out here.

  • I'm talkin' Gator, Squish, the Joshes.

  • [ Air horn blares ] March 14th will be a day

  • that lives in infamy.

  • It is the summer of the tub, baby.

  • Nothin' gonna stop us! Yeah!

  • Hey, guys, your boy Eric here.

  • So, it seems like Tubfest 2K20 is gonna have to wait.

  • But, hey, when things open back up in just two weeks,

  • we're gonna pick up where we left off, 'kay?

  • I'm talking Gator, Squish, Cheddar, the Joshes!

  • [ Air horn blares ] Brews on brews.

  • This state-of-the-art bro boiler, it's all going down.

  • So bless up. We'll see you all in two weeks.

  • Woof, woof!

  • Hey, guys, it's -- it's your boy Eric.

  • I just been full on pruning in my man cauldron

  • for the past, uh... 14 days.

  • Looks like it'll be another month till things pop back open.

  • But, hey, the tub is still a great investment, you know?

  • It hasn't -- hasn't at all tanked my marriage.

  • And, uh, besides...

  • we're all gonna be up in these bubs pretty soon, 'kay?

  • I'm talking about me, Gator, Squish,

  • Cheddar, Cheddar's dope wife, Karen.

  • Josh C., Josh R. Get pumped, you know?

  • 'Cause it's gonna be --

  • Hey, boys, 'sup? Not sure if you're

  • getting these messages or not, but, uh...

  • Ha ha ha! I'm still killing it, man!

  • Uh, got some new boys I'm hanging out with.

  • Check them out.

  • What's up, dudes? You all good?

  • Hey, Larry, I think you need some SPF there.

  • You're turning a little red. You know what I'm sayin'?

  • [ Chuckles ]

  • Dave, you need another one? Do you want me to claw you?

  • What's up? [ Splash ]

  • Anyways, guys, next month,

  • we're gonna be killin' it, right?

  • Well, at least I found some toilet paper.

  • Mother [bleep]

  • ♪♪

  • ♪ I will try to fix you

  • ♪♪

-Guys, it's your boy Eric!


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ホットタブ・エリックの #TubFest2K20 はコロナウイルスによってキャンセルされました。 (Hot Tub Eric's #TubFest2K20 Gets Canceled by Coronavirus)

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