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Oh, look at this! Ruth has got her famous pizza in the oven!
Tonight we're going to have some pizza and watch a special film together.
What is the name of this masterpiece?
Cream cheese and chicken I guess.
Not sure if it's a masterpiece.
Ah it looks delicious!
So I have a special surprise planned for the kids here today.
I got together a video of old videos when they were born.
Back when we lived in Brazil.
I'm going to play it for them and see how they respond.
Are you ready? Joshua, come sit with mommy.
OK, over here. We're going to watch, OK guys?
We're going to do, I mean, watch a movie! OK Sarah
What is that?
We're making a Paz Church there? Yep.
Because we would go around and we would help build churches.
See, that was like a church that was opening up. There's Grandma and Grandpa.
Here's to our girls, soon soon!
What is that?
That's mommy and she has Becca and Anna in her tummy.
Mommy's not supposed to be drinking chocolate milk, but she is.
(Laughing) Can't laugh!
What happened? What happened? That's where they start. They start in the tummy.
And then there they came out of the tummy! Aw!
That's Anna.
We're so skinny, I can't believe it.
That's me. No, that's Anna.
That's Becca. That's Becca-Booster.
Rebecca's got the hiccups.
I got the hiccups!
Yea she does.
And Anna, she's just a little active person over here.
Dancing, dancing, dancing.
Ah! There's some flowers at Alter do Chão.
Look at the ants! They can move that whole thing!
What is it? Popcorn?
I think it's maybe popcorn, or a piece of bread. Probably popcorn.
There's Becca. I'm filming.
Filming! I thought he was taking a picture of us!
[Becca squeals]
Was that me?!
Who's that? That's you.
Ah! They're tickling!
Oh that's Anna.
That's Becca. She's laughing.
The same face. The same face!
That's Anna I think.
I think that's Anna too.
Look, you stuck your legs straight out when I put you up.
Who is that?
That's Anna in the chair. I'm holding Becca.
Is this side me? Yeah.
Becca's trying some food. She doesn't know what she thinks about it.
She doesn't — I don't like it!
I don't like it!
Here's your doll. Play with your doll. Look at your doll.
Yea for my doll! Look at your doll.
Oh look. There's Becster Booster
There's Anna. Anna's in there with her.
(Singing) Shake the rattle, Shake the rattle...
You guys had quite the crew that would help feed you and entertain you...
That's Anna.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes yes yes yes yes (Shakes head "No")
That's Cookie.
Cookie! I love Cookie!
Who's Cookie? Cookie's the best dog ever.
I loved Cookie and Cookie loved me so we played a lot.
Yep, that's Anna's laugh.
Who's on this side?
This side is Becca and this side is Anna.
Becca is trying to copy Daddy.
They both are, see?
We're going to America here.
There's a birthday party at Papa Joe's house.
Who was that shaking the head? Becca.
Ah! It's Papa Joe (Ruth's Grandpa)
Is that me? It's Anna.
Yea, watch this. Look, you were ready for YouTube at a young age. Watch this Anna.
You knew what to do — watch.
You saw the camera. [Video] There you go.
He's got his camera, I gotta pose.
That's Becca.
That's Becca.
Oh my goodness Mommy, is that you?!
We're in Canada.
Yeah, look at the mountains there.
Oh! Becca got a taste of lemon.
What does Anna think of it?
Do you remember this Anna? Do you remember seeing this? Yes.
I wanted more and more and then was like, "yuck."
"Not so bad, I think I'll have a little bit more. Jyah!!!!!"
That face! That face!
Save me!
Becca's the one into licking the walls.
How's it going?
This is the one that Anna cried on.
Whatcha up to? I think Becca cries on it.
Where's Rebecca? Get Rebecca. Get your sister.
Hey sister. Oh oh — things not so good. Video done.
This is at Uncle Jed's place when he lived in Florida.
That's me right? That's Becca's squeal.
Becca, you did that squeal.
Whoa! This is definitely back in Brazil.
So girls — our church would fill the stadiums for these big events.
They were so much fun!
Big dances and dramas.
I want to go to that. Could we go?
See, there's the stage. Did you take this video?
Yeah. I used to play up there. I led that team.
Jump, jump, jump! Oh my goodness!
Is that Anna? Yeah.
You guys... Sarah loved it more.
Oh that was Sarah, wasn't it?
Ready Becca? Let's jump! Jump, jump.
Who is that? That's Becca.
We had Becca in one door and Anna in another.
Look at Becca — you were going for Daddy's camera.
You bite your tongue! Yeah!
Whatcha got there? Whatcha got there?
You girls would spend hours in those things.
Rolling all over the yard. Just cruising through the yard.
Who is that?! That's Becca.
Why am I always the silly one?!
These are some of your first steps. This is on your first birthday right here.
This is when you were one year old.
Oh my. This is a funny one!
This is a classic right here.
This is the funniest one ever! Becca, you were a little instigator.
Now watch Anna.
I copied her! Guys, no!
Oh, I love this! If it flips it's going to be so funny.
You've been watching too much of America's Funniest Home Videos.
Oh this is the one where we want to get your camera wet.
(Speaking gibberish)
Anna, you were like "I'm going over there!"
Yummy! Whoa!
Daddy didn't learn very fast.
Oh oh! Ooo! This is the big "no no" where we put the dirt on the car.
What's going on out here? (Anna speaking gibberish)
"Becca did it!" What's going on?
Well Becca, what are you doing in there?!
What did you do to Daddy's car?
Here comes the other - whoa!
Anna really likes the camera.
You got your toy!
(Becca speaking gibberish)
Is that so?
Oh give her a hug! Give her a kissy kissy.
Give her a hug. Give her a hug. Give her a hug.
Get 'er, get 'er, get 'er, get 'er.
Oh, there's a rainbow!
OK, go to sleep baby, go to sleep.
Look how you guys used to love to dance.
I love it.
Hi girls! Look who it is!
Mommy misses you. Look, this is baby Sarah.
She can't hardly wait to meet you.
Hey girls look. Here's little Sarah.
Do you see her? Aww!
She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps
And she just can't wait to get home.
You're holding her hand. Yeah!
Aw, this is your first time meeting baby Sarah.
These are the little swings at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
Remember those? Yes.
Oh my goodness! I remember this.
We loved this pool.
That pool was used so much.
This is the one! Look at this. Let's do it, Becca.
(Singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")
(Speaking gibberish)
What a life! Now push him.
Say "hi" to the video. Hi!
Say "Hi, goodnight!" Hi, goodnight!
What else do you want to say? Hey (gibberish)
What do you think? After this trip down memory lane, can you tell Rebecca and Anna apart?
Well thanks for watching, liking and subscribing to Life in Japan. We'll see you next time. Bye bye.


ちょっと昔の思い出上映会 - Life in Japan 第52話- (Twin Throwback to the Early Years | Life in Japan Episode 52)

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