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  • the V sound the vine versus the W sound.

  • Would wine.

  • Let's look at the differences between the sounds feel the re sound is made with the inside of the lower lip touching the upper front teeth.

  • You might feel vibrations on your lower lip for the W sound the lips around it and pushed forwards.

  • Then they move into the position for the following vowel sound in the word.

  • For example, In the world, we the lips round for the w sound.

  • Then relax for the vow.

  • E Way in the World War, the lips round for the w sound and stay rounded for the vowel or more.

  • The lips do not touch the teeth.

  • You may also feel that the back of the tongue is raised.

  • What what See for the V sound, you'll see the lower lip.

  • Touch the upper front teeth for the W sound.

  • You'll see the lips round and move forwards with the what What Listen.

  • The V sounds like buzzing or a motorbike.

  • The w sound is like a very short vow.

  • What What practice?

the V sound the vine versus the W sound.


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英語のV音とW音の発音の仕方 (How to Pronounce V and W Sounds in English)

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