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  • -Tonight, I'd like to close with a segment called "Who I Miss,"

  • in which I tell you about crew members who,

  • with each passing day, I realize I cannot do without.

  • They are safe and healthy at home, thankfully,

  • but they are not with me.

  • So without further ado... ♪♪

  • I miss John O'Malley and Jim Breyer.

  • John and Jim are two of the security guards at "Late Night."

  • They're former NYPD detectives.

  • And while they keep us safe,

  • they're also a ton of fun to be around.

  • For example, in 2016, we did our show

  • in Washington, D.C. for a week.

  • Every night, John and Jim would walk with me

  • from the hotel two blocks to the theater.

  • On the first day, John made a wrong turn.

  • Took us no more than five minutes out of our way,

  • but Jim will not let John forget it.

  • Every night after the show, when John walks me to the elevator,

  • Jim says, "Do you want me to come with you

  • so you don't get lost?"

  • Every night -- for four years.

  • To use the parlance of NYPD detectives,

  • I believe the term for what he's doing is busting balls.

  • Point is -- I miss John and Jim. ♪♪

-Tonight, I'd like to close with a segment called "Who I Miss,"


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レイトナイトのジョン・オマリーとジム・ブライアーに会いたい人 (Who I Miss: Late Night’s John O’Malley and Jim Brier)

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