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  • wait, Wait.

  • Unity and diversity was to give it past students crimes she was teaching at university.

  • It's like his wife Grace tickets on both a big country house have ever thank you Got increasing murder that wanted to meet you Governor ones in the window and got into their house.

  • I only take it too serious.

  • And they got this letter way should have gone to one year later.

  • Then shut your house.

  • A police investigation and down, down at the gun crime scene did not match the bullet.

  • However they went over, they found out that I'm not going to jail.

  • Criminal made a circle every time to the house before you tear down.

  • This investigation was deemed to be those students and try to figure out how to commit a crime is impossible.

  • Time gives so much they can be guided by a very short person.

  • Study on investigating most trees.

  • Is that gonna be like a crime scene?

  • Our prince is not only can tell good shoes, but also weight, height, gender and even gate, for example to calculate just how was your flight?

  • Those things and export me into something to be playing three centimeters just correct.

  • So surprising me.

  • But it works.

  • Even bullets getting a lot of aboutthe left boots.

  • I can't help me.

  • Mister Annan invited a group of people.

  • That is the gun that eventually, Anderson, that too most popular Jesus can be like a crime scene.

  • Well moving booth.

wait, Wait.


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完全犯罪|アジズ・ボキホーノフ|TEDxCATSAcademyBoston (Perfect Crime | Aziz Bokijonov | TEDxCATSAcademyBoston)

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