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  • It's great to be back here at Ted X.

  • Tokyo Six years after I introduced my movie Saving 10,000 winning a war on suicide in Japan at the time, my efforts with the movie weren't going very well.

  • I wasn't getting a lot of interest in that at all.

  • That maybe 3000 views on YouTube party kindly invited me to get to talk that day.

  • As I walked home after Ted x Tokyo 2013 I was in floods of tears and because around 50 or 60 people had shared their stories of loss of a friend of a family member that they had had them, I deeply missed.

  • And this was a trend that I would see again and again, as I did basically over 100 events around Japan.

  • Ah, hearing amazing stories, hearing, seeing inspirational people ladies out in Chiba over 70 years of age, answering the phone.

  • You know what?

  • You know Denmark every night.

  • So, um Soto update.

  • There's some good news, but there's also some bad news, and the bad news is the reason why I'm really here today.

  • The good news forced The suicide rate in Japan is has now gone from 30,000 down to 20,000 so it has reduced by 1/3.

  • Okay, thanks to the amazing efforts off, many of those people like feature in the movie like Like she gets on and told Jimbo Cliff, who has now stopped 600 people jumping off that cliff.

  • Okay, this is amazing thing.

  • So the suicide rate in Japan is now at a 40 year low.

  • However, yout suicide WAAS is now at a 40 year high.

  • 599 Children kill themselves last year, which is the highest since records began this weekend.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this particular weekend over the last 20 years has been the worst weekend for child suicide.

  • It's been the peak every year for the last 20 years.

  • Why is that?

  • It's because Children are going back to school tomorrow, so I literally have one minute left.

  • So let me give you two important statistics that I am starting toe work on looking, Perhaps for another project.

  • Number one is that there were 414,000 cases off bullying in schools last year, 414,000 for every school day.

  • 2000 cases.

  • This is it's very hard to kind of understand that figure, but let me give you a positive Um, a note on that is that 317,000 of those cases were a primary school level elementary school level.

  • And why I say that's a positive is because he's 6 to 12 year olds don't really know what bullying is, so that's a chance for us to define what they're doing is wrong and under terrible damage that it causes.

  • My final point on the statistics is it's an even more difficult topic to talk about, which is child abuse.

  • Child abuse last year in Japan.

  • WAAS 159,000 cases.

  • This if we're looking to to save Children's lives, we have to detect on protect.

  • Now, actually, in child abuse detection is going very well because this figure is 340% up than 10 years ago, which I'm sure it was around the same level.

  • But we're just detecting more.

  • But my final point today is under protect for those Children who go to child welfare centers, which there's 200 in Japan on there's 3400 amazing social workers to help those Children But that's not enough.

  • And some of those social workers are are handling 100 cases at the same time.

  • So detect, I'm protect because what is more important done to protect the life of a child?

  • Thank you very much.

It's great to be back here at Ted X.


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