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  • Have you remember how awkward public benches are looked up actually, and others have operated armrests right in the middle which possible to lie down if you were ever a time.

  • We call these features hostile work, Inspector.

  • It's hard to imagine that someone could ever designed someone.

  • Everything is designed with purpose.

  • And with the case of just like just thinking, how did some more than that bility towards?

  • It's if you don't want people like you.

  • You know what people expected Publicist, If they're shiny you You made every comfortable for long signs in effect give me more relations.

  • I would ask why Homelessness is a problem first And why we with all our privilege perceived people Now I took all of it Ramifications of designing, inviting.

  • But the point here one so well benches the are bar.

  • We must right in a way.

  • Compass First ideas waiting.

  • My turn towards you.

  • He started.

  • Sorry.

  • Get past what?

  • Especially hard.

  • That would be you.

  • All right.

  • You become a doctor.

  • I was drawing civility here.

  • Not really.

  • Rather I'm worried hearing for right what that meant.

  • But I knew that I like people in world so much so I came myself.

  • Wait, Michael, You know, changing the world I switched majors.

  • Was that if I really wanted Well, I couldn't restrict one Waas tonight about All right then trajectories through a little bit of grass.

  • No, this guy objects which meets using links who you are.

  • I think about your interest in passions.

  • Don't think about your perspective.

  • Always.

  • Because every moment where you are here right now.

  • No.

  • Then our stories are like a collection of beets and our identities on the links.

  • Put simply, we are some beans are waiting.

  • We've seen that every event or direction affected you.

  • Wait, Wait.

  • We are and where we're going.

  • And as a result, or for me this summer here participated in the community internship program, also known as C.

  • See, I Yeah, Graham, you're with non profit and government organization toe work with them for the summer there, this whatever we can over my remotely summer olden gardens or crime around talking to people about food and secure games with you.

  • How about learn what people really needs?

  • Work, work, historical.

  • It's putting people farming under control, power back time or because I decided to return to sea as a peer mentor and I want peers.

  • We're getting special career as I just I wondered what going to this program?

  • The answer is no.

  • If you don't Yeah, while looking for Look, we could as much as we want.

  • Don't know life the most memorable or hold wheat It's the really struggled to find I did everything career, man.

  • Send all the Lindy females uh, have a series, of course, violated in there A public meeting for there is the class numbers.

  • What?

  • Oh, my energy years quite under comedian members Look, because I see it my first.

  • While it was great happy I wonder whose voice went on missing who?

  • Whose voice went on her random Yeah, quite tell if here who?

  • For the people I believe public, it is imperative as much as we do now.

  • I couldn't meet you, my c I And since we don't know what the future holds, it's important we diversify come from and in doing so well intended to born, we intentionally diversify our bees pretty rigid about the These feed from our network is much smaller, however, diversify.

  • Really, What did that Thio were joining the fire or whatever then you.

  • Then we'll get more.

  • You lie.

  • Why create you?

  • You never will be reason, man.

  • I subconsciously limited our like Very.

  • We're training for me.

  • I want to be a lawyer.

  • I want to be a doctor while this it is in our abilities.

  • It's a happy schools.

  • I'm encouraging you to expand.

  • Find it.

  • If you don't get it, Imagine we can create If wait we constrict are what the looks like only journey towards Thanks directed It prevents us from You're from great form of experiences my bees more meaningful or memorable.

  • I believe we are full momentum to achieve our goals.

  • It's ourselves.

  • What do I want to do?

  • What is that described civil engineer for us.

  • Oh my what time while being moving to you Many of you here Others Why right?

  • I implore you to dig and find out the truth Whatever that reason is whatever that why is should be You're rolling itself.

  • Really?

  • What does this look like?

  • You might be thinking Oh, I need it, Bob, that I say do to complete our requirements Please complete box yourself in your major Don't in the let's create visions for us and think about ways and leave the door open for way.

  • And that will give us meaningful, powerful beats in our lives.

  • So when that next knocking on your door instead of turning in a way, why you're why not embrace it?

  • No.

Have you remember how awkward public benches are looked up actually, and others have operated armrests right in the middle which possible to lie down if you were ever a time.


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