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  • All right, so

  • No "what's poppin?" today. I want to talk about something a little bit more serious, so

  • as some of you know who you guys who follow TechLead technically just unlisted all of his videos and

  • In case you don't know who tech lead was

  • TechlLead was a tech YouTuber that grew really fast because it was very very insightful videos

  • And they added a lot of value to all of us

  • unfortunately he he took them all down and

  • But but you could still purchase them at $20. Now... I want to address some of the comments that he got from that

  • And I want to talk about them because it's something that I want to share for a while and something that touched upon me also

  • So first of all I just want to say I'm kind of sad that technically took down his videos

  • I was a big fan of his videos, and it's sad to see him leave

  • however, I do respect his decision and

  • And I do respect his reasoning behind it because it makes sense and it made me wonder about my own channel

  • So his main points were about career risk and I definitely felt that I risked my career in

  • Multiple ways and I'll talk about three of them here

  • So the first risk that I notice is that I risked my career by making public videos

  • Speaking about tech having an opinion about tech and this can easily damage my reputation

  • If ever I said something wrong which I probably did and it will hinder me in a negative way, so

  • The second way is that I can also risk my career by showing things that are more valuable and

  • To you guys and then also more insightful

  • but usually these insightful things are the most valuable things that I can share are the ones that you cannot find the internet publicly and

  • the more valuable they are usually the more confidential they are and

  • the more risk they are and I will be honest that I almost lost my job making these videos and

  • The third way is that I also risk my career by putting way too much effort and way too much time into my videos

  • But it is a choice. I've made so I don't blame anyone but myself

  • I currently work 40 hours a week at work

  • and then I work 40 hours a week making videos and

  • If I didn't make any videos I would probably you know be working 60 hours a week at my job

  • And I would probably make marginal gains from it which can lead to like quitter

  • Promotions or raises and stuff like that however I chose not to do that and focus on videos

  • Now I want to put you guys in our shoes and try to understand that the effort and risk into making these

  • Videos are not trivial, and there's a huge opportunity cost for us like rationally

  • It doesn't make any sense for us to make videos in terms of monetary incentives

  • If I value my hour at like $30 an hour

  • Then essentially I am pouring

  • 1,200 dollars a week into making my videos not including all the equipment's I buy

  • So now that you have some context. I want to address some of the comments

  • I often see and also that I saw on tech leads decision on unlisting as videos so the comment is

  • Don't you make enough money and your current job? Why would you want to monetize your content?

  • so

  • Yes, I am very fortunate that I have such a comfortable job that pays really well

  • But that is not an argument for why we should to monetize the content if you make this argument

  • Then with the same argument we can say that the rational decision for us is to not make any videos on YouTube

  • Because in some ways. It's not that I'm not gaining anything from making videos. It's worse than that

  • I'm actually losing because I'm using my time that could have been used for my own personal development

  • Hence it's an opportunity cost so for a normal rational individual that works in tech

  • it doesn't make sense to be a youtuber so that leads to why we make content then and

  • I don't know about tech leave, but me personally I make content because my passion is in filmmaking

  • But this leads to another question if you're making videos because it's your passion

  • Then why can't you just enjoy it and not think about the monetary returns or think about this trade-off

  • Well, I want to follow my passion which is to make videos full-time and I won't be able to make videos full-time if I can't

  • make a living off of it and

  • the way I can estimate my earnings is to work on monetization to see where I'm standing and

  • Personally, I told people that as soon as I make half of what I make from work

  • then I will be a full-time youtuber, so

  • Just for final words for people who are disappointed

  • You know of its decisions or people who will be disappointed if ever I do something similar

  • remember that there's always a reason for every decision we make and

  • there they are usually well thought out and

  • You might miss a lot of context because behind the lens there are many restrictions

  • Constraints and just other costs that you don't see when we make videos

  • So I hope you can empathize with us and try to understand that the decisions. We make are hard

  • But they're usually for the best

  • So yeah, so I hope you understand why?

  • sometimes we make these decisions, and I just want to say that I really wish TechLead the best and

  • If you're watching TechLead I hope to see you soon

All right, so


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