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Strengthening research efforts. Cleaner and cheaper dairy farming. And stronger cherry
blossom trees. Those stories and more in This Week at USDA. USDA's Agricultural Research
Service is modernizing and streamlining to meet future challenges through innovation.
Modern facilities are critical for us to first retain our magnificent scientific core and
it's also important for us to be able to conduct the innovative research we need to find solutions
to many of the world's agricultural problems. USDA Researcher Erin Connor's focus is to
reduce feed costs and environmental factors associated with milk production. If we're
reducing the feed that's going into the animal, we are reducing the amount of methane that
she is producing as an individual. We also are reducing the amount of feed that's required
to maintain the herd, so with lower feed production that's needed we can reduce those greenhouse
emissions associated with that. The cherry trees around the tidal basin in Washington
D.C. are a popular annual attraction. USDA researchers at the National Arboretum are
working to make the flowering cherry blossoms more durable to better withstand the forces
of nature. We're looking at breeding and developing new types that are, for example, disease resistant,
tolerant of various environmental stresses, that can do well in an urban environment,
but that also obviously have the flowering qualities that people have come to expect
and love. So we're trying to look at a multi-season interest as well as just the week long floral
display. Work is underway to get a new agriculture
research foundation up and running. The foundation for food and agriculture research will be
a non-profit and independent body for which congress will provide two hundred million
dollars if private matching funds can be found. It will be run by a fifteen member board and
Secretary Vilsack says he expects many nominations. And the challenge will be to vet them in an
appropriate and organized way so that we are in a position to get this board structured
and set up. The National Academy of Sciences is also helping. That's all for This Week
at USDA. Follow, tweet, and stay informed at USDA dot-gov.


This Week @ USDA April 11

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