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florida's did this really interesting study although the methodology is kinda
and to see what celebrity brings the most bang for the buck
okay and it's an interesting lest i didn't really expected but basically
what they did is
they looked at the last three films each actor started over the last three years
that opened in more than two thousand peters calculating the return on
investment for the studios
ain't his or her salary according to forms we didn't count movies where the
actor was in a supporting or large ensemble role
account animated movies the actors who score well on this list tend to have
small paydays and start in highly profitable movies that make sense or
except for the president came in number two
as you'll see in a little bit also who are the top ten begging for your bought
uh... act
i will come in
number ten is kevin james apace he preference all admits he was paid
e maybe eight twenty two dollars forty cent return as of this is a little
skewed because
now we you make a movie
there's a lot of different factors not just that actor salary
and you know uh... of course how well the movie is written directed it so
there are enormous factors in this today with a grain of salt but it gives you a
relative sense of
how well the actors did because some actors
by by the way also pick good movies
and others take crappy movies to make
and so that makes a difference to in in how well they pay writing of the movie
in the production of the movie all that stuff plays a role so it's a little
difficult so it kind of blame everything on the actor actress or give them credit
equity linked debt like and james uses those of movies that are kevin james
so these are the top ten
well our yes definitely indiana's comes in at number nine and she makes about
twenty two sixty for or employers for every dollar that she's paid
okay alright hideaway johnson comes in next uh... twenty two seventy for every
dollar pay i'd like to rock but that's kind of an indictment of america
that would be a star
by vol rock
who really well yap in by the way they everybody at every actor on this list
has their agents are now like having a party right now like u_s_ v_c_r_ or
underpaid interpret even more money for those good details movies
worries that kindergarten cop were uh...
alike that rome some soaring travelers movies going well maybe i can
yes that's why americans are so complacent made allowed the political
system the screw them over
entirely i i would do few movies two billion the wrong and i know which was
there ever was the kindergarten cop so it's not former the kid but it seems
is of course trying to be the new force in a hard so who's next
next is my personal favorite bradley cooper
twenty five dollars for every dollar k
two missile as sexy as just the two seconds
no he decided but bradley cooper
he did everyone howard stern
intriguing stuff
you you must listen to it uh... nasa first kind words and ever said about
howard stern i've been listening powered send regularly i think that might have
to go back and uh... make a correction of what i said about in the back home
and big news in the middle of the story that we'll talk about that later
alright taylor a lot of comes in next year it's twenty nine fifty for every
dollar he's paid that's of course based totally on the pilot movies in one of
the crappy movie don't really care about
uh... but did that when i go to credit
is that looks like a war
well that's terrific standoff right now are they did a good job of might
it is intended only woke the tobacco
alright alright add daniel radcliffe comes in next accede makes eight thirty
dollar fifty-cent return for every dollar fees paid
they get this there goes the silliness of the list is of course it's all about
katie rally
and not daniel radcliffe the he put another guy who resembled a cartoon
drawings on the cover of that book
the more we probably would have done just as well
nexus ab robert pattinson add thirty one seventy
so good for you and then shyla baf he makes uh... as thirty-five eighty thirty
five dollars in a sense for every dollar he's gay kristen stewart is next
actually returns forty dollars and sixty cents for every dollar seized a
coming and number one
is natalie portman
compari an excess that's a look
kristen stewart that number two
is the exception because she makes and enormous amount of money but still
delivers tremendous value
and she's a little bit more
but she's a little higher than the other pilots us this
should not just while i feel so good snow white and the huntsman which did
really well as well so she's riding high uh... even though she has paid a ton of
money natalie portman makes good cash on on some of the movies
but black swan was produce for very
uh... pool small amount he was only thirteen million yeah
amazing numbers that i didn't expect that at was produced from the thirty
nine i say thirty million because in in the context of movies that's a small
uh... and that movie made three hundred twenty nine million worldwide mobile get
a girl
yet and that's a little time was is it the whole movie concertina misleading
pair that much
on the roles of skilled hollywood ed meese over three hundred million dollars
you know what that movie was a really interesting movie i liked it
that's one of the reasons it did well
perhaps others might think consider putting lesbian sees with natalie
portman a new aku nissen their movie and that they don't so get your base bang
for your book as well i'd say in apostle say before at that scene was a little
too long
and a little uncomfortable
just long enough to make over three hundred million dollars right now i do
think that if you have to be able to present
milic wrote this in a leap forward in a really long was the asean in two of the
most beautiful women in hollywood yes allied you know
for your book
about away one final note on the started so quite enough forms the most overpaid
actor was annie murphy he only made a return of two dollars and thirty cents
for every dollar he was paying
first surrender so long to rescue move them
this hall study is unfair because
anywhere fee is past its prime and you think about the coming to america days
you know if you counted that movie but they're not they're counting movies like
the last three years are no anne murphy was in the last three and p that that's
the problem
isn't so
terrible movies in and notebook eddie murphy gotta give credit men
his prime
he receded
me so far then i'm not done yet you know he came back and get another prize
if eight you'll you'll you never know and i think i kept his third when
that these these guys you're not that bad
yeah big big big back the the prostitutes stories c
amigo he'd man he is
he has survived a lot for your survival was less than ten would not work with
nor bit accomplished morbid
for her birthday in the surviving orbit saliva currier
and my hat's off to you


支出に見合う最高の価値をもたらすのはどの有名人か? (Which Star Is The Best Bang for the Buck?)

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