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he was a guy's fighting his destiny and welcome back to what the fuck?
You were really good today.
So we've talked about some pretty weird deaths on this.
Siri's deaths from demons, deaths from Children, deaths from celebrities, one that we haven't talked about yet is deaths from hence, and I don't know about you.
But when I imagine a pad, I think of a fluffy, adorable creature I can share my Depression and hates its life equally.
As much as I hate mine like this thing, do you?
Well, I guess that answers that that separate days with about five come down five pets that have killed their owners.
It's the number one Cynthia Lee gambled Cindy Lee Gamble was an exotic cat enthusiast who ran the Center for Endangered Cats in her hometown in Minnesota.
She'd been a trained specialist for years, where she specialized in her knowledge on leopards will.
One day when she was feeding the animals, she somehow got locked into the cage with a £500 bangle tiger and was mauled to death, and no one really knows how she got locked inside.
Only that being in the cages that all was prohibited, so it was weird that she was even in there at all, but also that this isn't the first time the Tigers have been known to just randomly snap Las Vegas entertainers Siegfried and Roy were actually attacked by a tiger in 2003 which left Roy partially paralyzed.
This is why I don't trust Tony to type because he tells me a serial is great or whatever.
But what he doesn't say is that a serial is probably laced with betrayal.
Number to Kelly and walls Like Cindy Lee Gamble, 37 year old Kelly and Walls was an exotic animal enthusiasts who looked after a ton of rare animals in a place called the Role of Reptiles just outside of her hometown in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
In addition, adjust reptiles, though the house of reptiles also held jag wires, probably ass hole backstabbing tigers and bears.
One night when Kelly was cleaning the bear enclosure, a £350 black bear attacked her, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.
Apparently, Kelly would often throw a handful of dog food on the other side of the cage while she cleaned it, but it didn't work.
On the night of her death.
After her death, it was discovered that the House of reptiles was operating under an expired license and that most of the blame of the park's safety procedures fell on her husband, who was an exotic animal dealer.
Okay, what the hell is an exotic animals deal?
It's not like a guy you see on the street like a man wanted by about constricting.
No, that's that's okay.
I had the best deals on poisonous Franz.
Buy one.
Get one free.
Know what?
So thank you.
I didn't tell you about my bestie By 14 Torrential.
Let's get two free.
That's not even a good deal.
Number three, Marc Vogel.
This next one freaks me the fuck out.
In this world, there is nothing I'm more afraid of than spiders.
Like deathly afraid Ron Weasley and got shit.
If I was walking in the Forbidden Forest like that scene from the Chamber of Secrets and Harry was like getting spider invested tunnel, I would tell that mother fucking scar headed limey fuck to go eat a dick and choke on a scent.
Artur, I fucking hate Spider anyway.
Yes, Mark Lovell was a 30 year old man who had a hobby of collecting creepy and poison his pets.
So he owned over 200 insects, reptiles and other creatures that made you question this man sanity.
So one day in his apartment complex, his neighbor called the front office to complain about a weird smell that was coming from his apartment.
Police arrived.
They said it looked like a scene from a horror movie is his limp body was draped over his couch, covered in spider webs with spiders pulling in and out of his mouth, nose and eyes.
No, no.
After an autopsy was discovered that he was killed from a bite from the black widow, which I unfortunately, you have to show you a picture of Oh, God.
Okay, uh, I am gonna have just the worst dreams today.
Here's a holdout.
Just don't buy a shitload of spiders that can fucking kill you.
Do you like living in fear knowing that one day your life could be over if you came home?
And we're like, Oh, look, one of my dangerousness fucks fighters got out of its cage.
I'm so fucked.
Number four grants William spite snakes being creepy creatures, they could actually be surprisingly gentle pets.
Which is why it was odd when police found Grant Williams face down in a pool of blood in his apartments with a 13 foot Burmese python wrapped around his body.
Apparently, Grant and his brother, Lamar, had only recently bought a snake but eventually wanted to open up a business where they take care of snakes but had no idea how to do it.
Unfortunately, that dream was obviously cut short as it was more than likely a feeding issue and Grant may have been mistaken as food, which makes you wonder, like, do they even check for anything before someone walks into a pet store and is like Hello?
Yes, I would like to purchase that 13 foot animal that could kill me and still make sure you thank you like it's easy for a Get that.
A lot of times, our pets could more than likely kill us if they wanted to, and especially snakes.
Remember that old ass lady from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Just minding our own business and that damn snake somehow uses her skin as a coast that happened Anyone?
I've been mentioning Harry Potter a lot.
This video.
Finally, a number five Pama Weaver.
So this last one is probably the weirdest one on this list, mostly because of how the woman died and from what animal To Pam Weaver was again another exotic pet lover who didn't specialize in bears or tigers or creepy crawlers, but instead died from her pet camel.
You're probably wondering, how the fuck can a camel kill someone?
Well, it turns out that Pam was humped to death by her camel.
As for some reason, he was just incredibly horny.
Surprisingly, this kind of thing happens a lot, especially in Mexico.
Only their people pay to see it happen.
And it's a horse I wouldn't know from experience.
I only know about.
It was one of my ex girlfriends is probably out doing it right now.
Theo Camel, which was given to Pam as a pet from her husband.
No, well, was actually notorious for this sort of behavior and even raped the family's pet goat.
Dude, what is with this camera?
Ever heard of fucking consent?
Dog Jesus.
Yes, Unfortunately, Pam, who is 60 at the time of the attack, didn't survive the assault and was pronounced dead on the scene.
Well, I no longer trust any of my pets.
That is it for this episode of what the fuck?
Hope you guys enjoyed it.
If you did, make sure to give it a like and also subscribe to this channel.
I took a couple weeks off, but I am back now.
So it is lovely to see all of your great faces once again, especially yours.
Like I said, you're looking really good today.
I don't know what it is.
You're just turning me out a lot.
If I was a Campbell, I would try to have sex with you right now.
I don't know.
Before you guys go, make sure to check out my channel on youtube dot com slash captain Destiny.
I recently put up a video of me doing the Harry Potter pottermore quizzes where I was doing my Petronius and house sorting and all that.
And yeah, I'm still a little bit disappointed because of this.
It's a rat.
It's literally are a rat.
My fucking Petronius is a field mouse.
Dude, what the fuck is a field mouse?
But throne is going to do it is not intimidating at all.
Make sure to check out that video by clicking right there, or you can check out the link in the description below that, that guy's always see you next time for another 15 Thanks for watching and fair winds.



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