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  • Of course, the whole city now is in a holiday mood.

  • You could just mean it's just incredible.

  • Outside.

  • The mood is, isn't it amazing outside folks?

  • Incredible mood, especially here at Rockefeller Center, where thousands of tourists think a lot of these people to come to see the massive Christmas tree can't get a shot of the Christmas tree on.

  • There it is.

  • It's spectacular.

  • Cute.

  • It's huge.

  • I think it's the largest Christmas tree in the world.

  • It's over 900 feet high.

  • Just go with me on this.

  • It's 900 feet high.

  • Uh, and, uh, it's amazing thing everyone's raving about the rock.

  • Forsooth.

  • Okay, you know what I said about the brother for Christmas tree?

  • Big deal.

  • That's what I say, Okay, because Rockefeller Center may have the world's largest Christmas tree.

  • But last year late night brought you something much more spectacular, and I think you'll agree.

  • That's right.

  • The world's fastest menorah didn't have music, and there's gonna be some ass kicking after the show.

  • Let's see that again in slow motion.

  • Pretty amazing.

  • I think that beats the rock first on the Christmas tree, anytime.

  • The world's fastest menorah.

  • Well, folks, I wanted.

  • We did that last year.

  • This year we're adding something new to the mix, something that I think is pretty unusual and cool tonight.

  • Making its late night debut.

  • Please welcome bungee jumping, baby.

  • Jesus.

  • Bring him in.

  • Bring him in.

  • That's where you go with him.

  • Sit and see the important thing.

  • Children.

  • He's wearing a helmet.

  • You may be the son of God, but where A helmet What?

  • All right.

  • And now, you know, I thought like a lot of people would say, That's enough.

  • All right.

  • You got your world's fastest manure, your bungee jumping helmet wearing Jesus.

  • Here's something else.

  • We're adding this year, no matter what your religion, this is great.

  • Everyone will enjoy the late night rocket powered fruitcake.

  • Let's see them all together.

  • The world's fastest man or a bunch of jumping baby.

  • Jesus!

  • Rocket powered.

  • Okay, Go.

  • Oh, my God!

  • That was too much, Man.

  • That was too much excitement.

Of course, the whole city now is in a holiday mood.


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世界最速のメノラー - "コナン・オブライエンとの深夜" (The World's Fastest Menorah - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien")

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