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  • Used to be when people talked about the end of the world we lock them up,

  • or latham of, sometimes both, but we never took them seriously.

  • Maybe we should have, but I'm getting ahead of myself,

  • better to start at the beginning with the abduction Desmond Miles.

  • My son, this boy had no ambition,

  • No direction, no plans for the future, what he did have was a heritage,

  • one he chose to deny, it nearly cost him his life.

  • He was captured and imprisoned.

  • BOS hooking believed he could help them find something

  • The Apple!

  • One of several artifacts we called pieces eaten,

  • bit serving technology scattered across the globe, some hidden,

  • some found, all of them dangerous.

  • Most are held by a single group, the same group that now head

  • Desmond, you know them as Abstergo industries.

  • We know them as the Templars, as the enemy.

  • We've been fighting them for thousands of years, even longer if you believe the

  • stories of their origins.

  • I do, after all, i've seen the truth

  • that's the beauty Harbor the Animus,

  • and a device that allows us to enter an experience elisa bar ancestors

  • it holds the power to change everything to show was history the way it really

  • happened

  • up until its creation to the victor when spoils

  • the drums we're trying to fix that

  • the free minds and bodies both but there's only so much that we can do

  • and the Templar's have the upper hand these days but something larger than the

  • assassins and Templars is approaching

  • bigger than all of us and if we can find a way to stop it

  • these next few weeks will probably be our last

  • everyone's last the end it all comes down to him

  • to get as many through the animus he discovered his heritage

  • explore the lives of his ancestors and uncovered their secrets

  • when that was done trained used another ancestor to provide decades of

  • experience in the span of a few days

  • it worked you think

  • hope

  • soon does no ominous date fast approaches December 21st 2012

  • none of us knows what to bring only did this is where they want this to be

  • when it does

  • they've been guiding us in the room fractured for screening

  • these voices from the first civilization the ones who came before

  • a precursor race cements power known certainly gives

  • they're the ones who me the pieces

  • this is where they select few and through him

  • house he stands at the entrance to this morning los planes

  • armed with the knowledge about a year in the abilities if its heels

  • he falls in his hands the Apple keep and me stand at his side

  • ready to support him however when his name

  • is Desmond Miles and he has brought us to the M

Used to be when people talked about the end of the world we lock them up,


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アサシンの信条3入門(マジャール語 (Assassin's Creed 3 Intro (Magyar))

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