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all right.
It's me.
Destined were in my garage again.
I've got my friends here, Cliff.
You remember John Henry?
So we have been practicing shooting stuff in my garage for several weeks.
Janine and I have perfected it, and we have the most awesome experiment that has ever happened.
We got a fish, right?
So my daughter wanted to fish, and so I got one.
And this fish is no ordinary fish.
He is Sparky the stunt fish.
And, ah, we are going to prove to you that Sparky can You're not gonna believe this.
So, Sparky, can you just not gonna happen is not working before it's gonna happen.
We've done it before, so Sparky can catch a bullet in his mouth.
It's a goldfish.
It is a goldfish.
All right, So here's what we got.
So here you hold the camera for a second over two years.
All right, let me see this way.
Second point out what we've got going on here.
So if you remember John, Henry and I have got this, uh, this 20 to set up, and he's gonna be operating the gun.
So this is what we've done a bit different.
We have a flash set up here.
We got this flash set up with three jars here, and I've got some wires in between the first and 2nd 1 And so when we touch him, we touch those two together, the flash unit will actually operate.
So the cool thing about that is, if you have all the lights off and you are able to trigger the flash unit and you have an open shutter on another camera, let's say looking directly at the event, then it will take model that forced.
It will actually taken image at the exact moment that the flash happens.
So it's it's called high speed photography.
We do it a lot on.
We're not really good at it, but anyway, so we're Sparky.
Shut up, man.
It's gonna work.
So I'm sorry.
Put him in.
00 man, that put the chlor away in that thing.
All right, so Sparky is ready to go.
All right, So let's see how we're gonna do this.
Hey, once you grab the grab his bowl that way, if if you know the his bolt breaks.
Oh, I forgot to explain that Part of it.
What we've done is we've tried toe hindering.
I have practiced so that we can get the bullet go through the 1st 2 and just barely breakthrough this bowl.
And that that took us a lot of practice, but we are able to do it.
So do you want to grab his the blender for his goldfish bowl and be over there?
Like, if something happens and his his vote breaks more than supposed to, then you can grab him and throw him in his water real quick.
So he didn't What would you call it?
Suffocate or drowned in air?
All right, So, Steven, are you ready on lives?
Let me get the shutter control.
All right, so All right.
I don't cut this light on right here, so All right.
All right.
You cut the big light off, all right?
Go ahead and load the gun.
Okay, flashes.
Sparky Ready?
No, he's not.
Wait to turn.
Wait till he turns there.
He's turned the light off.
You could lay off.
Shutter open.
All right.
Shutter is open.
Rabies shot.
32 one.
Okay, the shutter shut.
Check it out.
It's a wonder he's loved.
No, it's totally has turned a big little bit going on.
I mean, you get the bullet out that turn on.
No way do that.
Hey, becomes a bullet in his mouth.
That's suffocating.
Let me get that thing out of this park is Mountain.
No way.
Are you serious?
Are you getting this?
Are you getting a man?
Get it out.
Get him in the bowl.
That is a valuable fish.
Don't want e whatever distance there are boats.
Wonderful man.
You tell the way it happened.
I didn't think you would.
Okay, that is also there is amazing fish in the name of size.
I'm telling you, I told you we could break that, Steven.
Just barely.
I still believe that I had my back turned.
I still don't believe I'm kidding.
That's pretty amazing.


Goldfish Catches Bullet

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