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  • Hi.

  • I don't ever see a situation where there will be no sex workers in Kenya, in Africa, in the world, because there is the meant for it.

  • Sex is a human right, whether it's work free or for money till you come says.

  • But you know one who is the executive director off B H E S p a sex worker organisations on the other side I extract the quote from an article Buy medicine for it you who is a convicted psychologist and researcher, and Rachel Warren, who is an activist and survive from in which they say there's a huge great deal of difference between coercing someone to make you a sandwich and coercing them to bend over and in a rage on Once I thought finally, about this washed Is it sex work or sexual exploitation should be advocate to legalize it or to our conditions.

  • Well, that stuff into that to get it all started in 2000.

  • I was honest would bus so a woman on the streets and then heard everyone on the bus.

  • That's a moment I didn't understand what was happening.

  • A few years later, I realized that this woman was a prostitution?

  • Not only that, What that she charged, I have.

  • I repeat the number.

  • It's 5000 Lebanese helps.

  • That doesn't even buy you a sandwich in some places.

  • At that moment, I had only one question.

  • Why would a woman do that to herself?

  • But I got no answer off until I wanted shops to get a job at the full time.

  • Caseworker with women are option and I started with my masters in two months.

  • I caught it with a focus on.

  • I started getting something half hours ago, an agency that study 50 black markets and activities in the world.

  • Suddenly the sex industry in 2000 if it they found out that prostitution is the second most profitable flack industry in the world, with almost 186 Killian daughters sent on its year and I repeat the number, it's 186 billion.

  • Oh, and other number that caught my attention Waas 14 million.

  • There were 14 million woman and prostitution, and I need to point out that this is just an estimate because los off this happens under another aspect that I wanted to look out is the background of youthful Dr Violence is a common factor along it comes in the form of early merits.

  • 11.

  • A woman.

  • Once I used to wait for my to go to work, to go outside and play on the swing.

  • She told me that was deals in her hot in her eyes.

  • After more than 15 years off this defendant happening toe and I wanted to munch.

  • She used to wait for your husband's.

  • If it's your old girl waiting for us when he has to work to go outside and play, and that was nothing exceptional already marriage, you know, they come in, doctor.

  • But the refugees, that's yes, the Syrian crisis.

  • They think me is the number of Syrian woman in this sub in the sex.

  • And that's because thanks.

  • Pimps use war to convince women.

  • They convinced them that prostitute constitution will take them out off the misery War left.

  • And that's why a woman for she said, I accepted the venous off prostitution because I still opening this my life before another challenge that lots of woman share, whether wondering that or the one I read testimonies about was that they caught up to me to extremes And what's a woman expressed to me?

  • She said.

  • What scares me the most are the five minutes.

  • Career buyers arrive well in my room, waiting for a man I know nothing about, not even the age, but that he's coming to my asking me for sexual.

  • And this was repeated.

  • I need to point out that these men are generally in a relationship and they go to his woman to vent anger and to prove mental.

  • I was told about weird and confident practices requested.

  • I was told about sessions off meeting fortune and invalidation.

  • Well, you tell me you cannot, don't you realize?

  • And I'll tell you in a study by menace authority, 47% a moment and something off 854 woman across 40 across nine countries mentions being upset.

  • We're having been asked what they have seen in a porno, knowing that I was interested to milk what's in these meetings.

  • Well, looking at the most you outside and going to the most you details, I realized that these do they contain Lux off abusive, discriminating and extreme scenes pornography, together with prostitution aims at objective, and this the objectifying the objectification of women was common and lots of scenarios.

  • What's difference between pornography and prostitution is that in pornography, woman are fit.

  • And here comes what scares woman the most.

  • They are scared to be remembered in the sex industry.

  • Here comes here comes the fear off losing people.

  • They care about the fear of losing their connections.

  • And that's what moment, she said.

  • What scares me the most is to end up a little.

  • She was signing for a few seconds, and then she said, when in fact I did end up, she cried.

  • She cried heaven and crying.

  • What's coming?

  • Another common doctor was mental.

  • This ordinance and this was also companies and countries that legalized in one study, 60% off woman and Germany in prostitution showed have a post traumatic stress disorder.

  • So what are we offering the woman?

  • By legalizing prostitution, women rather needs our support.

  • They need our support exit the cycle off.

  • They need our support to leave this inverse, and it gets worse in Lebanon, where women are permitted lost and they get this conviction on their legal record for years, and this stump them stops them from getting Doug opportunities outside the sexy.

  • I work with a woman with all the struggle Waas You find a job outside and she told me by words This law wants us tow boat with sex.

  • This law makes us first to prostitution.

  • No going back to the quotes I started.

  • I told him that humans have the right to have sex.

  • What?

  • Humans do not have the right to hurt others?

  • 2% there And why am I telling you is that they are hurt?

  • Well, because also, as I mentioned before, try to imagine someone forcing you to make them a sandwich and then having someone forced you to have a sexual relationship with that I really want you to imagine these pictures.

  • Imagine yourself at home in bed sick, and then have your partner asked you to make you make that sandwich and you go to Then you got your partner asked you for a sexual relationship and you don't feel like like and now try to imagine a stranger asking Have a sexual relationship for that woman needs our support.

  • No matter how feminist we try to make this world, it is a world that gives power to bend over.

  • It is a world food, my country.

  • We need to support these movements.

  • We need to see what's behind prostitution.

  • We need to listen for survivors.

  • That's and they need the support because they don't want sex.

  • They they want the money and unwanted sex is rape.



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