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Hey, hands on Highland.
And today, on highly cooking, I'm not actually cooking anything.
I've got a quick announcement.
So hopefully you know, by now that I am pregnant.
Chris and I are due to have our first child a boy on November 3rd, which is just over a month away.
So we're getting really excited and busy and anxious and all that stuff over here.
In the meantime, I have been co producing a show with you Live on YouTube.
You love Family is the channel, and the show is called expecting Highland.
And we've done about five episodes so far, just all about the pregnancy journey and all that stuff.
And this is a few more pregnancy videos coming up, and then it'll get into the actual like you'll meet the baby.
I'm gonna put a little promo.
I cut a little promo for that here way have such a great working relationship.
We decided we could get a lot more done if we just started having sex with each other and live in together.
What are you doing now?
Stripping Daisy?
See our baby?
You maybe just cigarillos and yeah, see, girls don't sell much, so the nurses won't notice it soon.
Audio check ready to do it.
I'm ready to do it.
I mean, it's not how you use a camera.
That's art right there.
So I'm just trying to get thumbnails, uh, thumbnail images for the YouTube videos.
And then also, we'll edit some to put on the website along with it that hopefully will be Pinterest worthy.
Please accept me interest.
It's frank here.
Move slower.
I do move slower.
Like balls.
Little dangling balls.
Oh, that's that's very masculine.
Get a little bit grocer.
We could do pin the wiener on the baby.
No drawing the line.
The line there.
You can't do that.
The chicken enchiladas, But I'm not gonna roll it up, because who has time for that bullshit?
So, did you get Saturday in the mix?
Shit starts looking really awesome.
So up close, it might look kind of shitty, but I think once it's like actually hung, you know, several feet above baby said, probably like pretty dope.
I'd say totally.
Don't even look like I'm pregnant.
Oh, my grandchildren be like the first kid to be on Mars or some shit did get stretch marks on my butt when I hit puberty.
God, I have gingivitis from being pregnant.
I never thought I would like actually be pregnant, so it's cool.
Well, you heard something every day for breakfast.
Nobody is there every Wednesday at you live family.
And then every Saturday.
I also do have logged to go along with it.
So she subscribe over there.
So you get notified and then you can leave comments over there and I see those comments, and I can respond to them also on a few of those of you that have kids, too.
There's other sort of parenting type Siri's and stuff for, like, tips on, you know, kid advice.
And like things to do with your kid and games and stuff like that.
I hope you can check that out.
Please leave me a comment over there and yeah.
Hey, baby is coming soon.
So they'll be a cooking video up on Thursday this week.
And then every Tuesday, we'll resume the regular scheduled programming.
Thanks so much for watching.
I hope you have a great day and wish me luck for weeks until baby you Okay, bye.


Special Announcement! | Hilah Cooking

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