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  • Hellooo It's Sharla! And Mimei!

  • I have purchased something interesting today...

  • Moffle...?

  • Precisely.

  • and what exactly is that?

  • Mochi + Waffle = MOFFLE!!! :D

  • And this is a Moffle Maker :D

  • You can make all kinds of Moffles

  • Let's see what kind we can make today!

  • We're going to make 2 kinds of Moffles today.

  • First, Japanese style! Using green tea ice cream, red bean paste, and brown sugar syrup.

  • And then, gaijin style! Using banana, peanut butter, and chocolate ice cream :)

  • Tadaaaa :D

  • The Japanese style moffle is ready!

  • Let's eat :D

  • This is kinda hard to eat xD

  • Mmmmmmmmm YUM

  • Tastes like... Japan.

  • Haha yep, tastes like Japan.

  • Green tea, red bean paste, black honey syrup, and mochi ^^

  • Yummmm

  • The inside has a great chewy texture

  • You can do itttt

  • A little too chewy perhaps xD;;

  • So goooddd aaahhhh

  • What do you give it outta 10?

  • 12!!!

  • Yeah, I agree.

  • 12/10. Delicious.

  • Try this yourself :D

  • This... is good.

  • Alright! Next we will try... gaijin style!! :D

  • Let's try the gajin style Moffle :D

  • Looks so good!

  • Make sure you get some peanut butter and ice cream on there


  • This is amazing.

  • Try this part.

  • The peanut butter was a great idea.

  • Yummy~

  • It's good right!?

  • Seriously, this is really freakin good.

  • The peanut butter and banana and chocolate go really well together!

  • Outta 10?

  • 11!!!

  • Yeah sounds good.

  • This is delicious.

  • So how was your first Moffle?

  • Really freakin delicious.

  • Yes. Agreed. *_*

  • The Japanese style one was really good

  • BUT

  • Please give the gaijin style moffle a try! Also very very delicious.

  • The peanut butter and banana flavours go really well together.


  • Yes, don't forget the chocolate ice cream!!

  • I bought the maker on Amazon for 1800yen, pretty cheap!

  • They were wonderful, give them a shot! :D

  • Thanks for watching!!

Hellooo It's Sharla! And Mimei!


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餅を使ってワッフル!♡ Japanese Mochi Waffles (餅を使ってワッフル!♡ Japanese Mochi Waffles)

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