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  • Ted Cruz on with the partially for Tracy nation and he's gonna say that the huge

  • he did shut the government down I think bob is a perfectly reasonable question

  • as a follow-up for

  • let's start now watching this exchange %uh let me ask you this you became a

  • celebrity

  • a when you lead the drive to shut down the government over Obamacare

  • but afterward your fellow Republican said you'd let them over a cliff

  • can you conceive of any situation in which

  • a you would go do that again and try to shut down the government in exchange you

  • are and are in demand for some action by the president well bob with with all due

  • respect I I don't agree with the premise of your question

  • are throughout the government shutdown I opposed to government shutdown I said we

  • should shut the government down I think it was a mistake

  • that President Obama the Democrat shut the government down this fall

  • the reason they did sell is that President Obama dug in

  • and said he wouldn't compromise he would negotiate yeah

  • I'll in the alternate reality you live in Ted Cruz didn't do a giant fake

  • filibuster

  • where he demanded they shut the federal government down or b2

  • repeal Obamacare it said the president was obscene and decide to shut the

  • government down

  • because he wanted to do what

  • repeal a law know you want to keep a log xactly is it was you although I don't

  • don't action not have

  • he want to keep the law exactly as it was he want to keep the government

  • running exactly as it was

  • you're the one who led that movement water and on believable liar this guy is

  • and rare instance here on a sunny talk-show way actually gets called out

  • on it

  • Bob have at it all right let me add let me go back to one thing and that the

  • question I ask you watch would you ever conceive up threatening to shut down the

  • government again well as I said I didn't threaten shut down the government the

  • last time I don't think we should

  • ever shut down the government I repeatedly bode well

  • five min tangled up an order issued a shot at you didn't crash that shut down

  • the government who was it that day after I mean

  • but will call you to say remains President Obama bad luck I i understand.

  • that the White House said over and over again the shutdown is the republicans'

  • fault I understand that's what you're repeating

  • but the reality is I voted over and over again to fund the federal government

  • and the reason we had a shutdown look that well rats were very candid I know

  • they told you they said we think the shutdown benefits us politically right

  • now the democrats are telling you

  • that they want another shutdown because they think it benefits them pull it out

  • senator hard to understand that they force a shutdown when they think

  • benefit some politically senator I know what republicans were telling me like

  • john bainer who said this was a disaster and never again but let me to ask you

  • one more question here

  • the government is approaching I'm not going well I just a minute that they

  • just a minute the government is approaching another deadline February

  • 7th

  • when it will run out of money unless Congress agrees to raise the debt

  • ceiling

  • well you agree to raise the debt ceiling our way you demand something in return

  • look of course we should do something we shouldn't just write a blank check

  • well of course I'm gonna threaten to shut it down again

  • but you see I'm not the one showing it at I like Bob Schieffer get a little

  • riled up there is no hey wait a minute

  • this figure out who's hosting this program in a you big I

  • would get so this guy has got some balls on him and

  • ship hi in shut the government down Obama should himself down

  • and you know it's his fault not mine and you gotta watch out for guys like this

  • people who could lie like that without blinking they're dangerous dangerous

  • books

  • thank God at least again call that a little bit here I in the

  • mainstream press by the way the reason they are skills this tablet republicans

  • also turned on him so it's not like Bob Schieffer also all the sudden we came

  • out

  • a line of courage it's okay to Republicans and Democrats the

  • establishment ones agree

  • but edgar's was right now it's a case where the mainstream other both parties

  • actually

  • right which is very rare okay but they are in this case

  • and it was definitely dead cruises for

Ted Cruz on with the partially for Tracy nation and he's gonna say that the huge


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アンカーが政府の閉鎖について嘘をついているテッド・クルーズを笑う (Anchor Laughs at Ted Cruz LYING About Govt. Shutdown)

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