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  • Hi, I'm Shintaro.

  • It wasn't easy to make this vid 'cause the movie will be out of theaters very soon and its DVD hasn't been released yet.

  • So what I could do was just to make a simple review with some clips I could find on youtube.

  • Today we're going to review -

  • Frozen, which is titled by netizens as

  • "Marry me, Sister" or "Love Me Again, Sister"

  • or "Tragedy Caused by an Idiot Sister"

  • is a Disney Thanksgiving Holiday movie released in 2013.

  • As a new work of Disney's Princess Franchise,

  • with all popular elements that should be included such as handsome prince, beautiful princess, hilarious villains

  • and cute mascots, and massive singing and dancing sequences in which people just couldn't stick to talk normally,

  • it looks absolutely nothing special.

  • Yes, Frozen wasn't in my weekend movie choices until it suddenly made the highest-grossing Thanksgiving Disney movie.

  • I had totally no clue what its selling point was, but without asking anyone's opinions about it, I decided to take a look.

  • Want to know how I feel? I'd like to say...

  • The official trailer almost ruined a Disney classic making significance.

  • The story follows a couple of princess sisters with entirely different personalities.

  • Elsa is cold as ice, elegant, owning icy power,

  • and is kind of overindulging her younger sister

  • Anna, who looks just like a walking logo of Wendy's Burger, is outgoing, passionate but sometimes a little annoying.

  • When they were kids, Elsa accidentally hurt Anna with her power.

  • From then on she has shut everyone out and been alone in order to protect others.

  • On her coronation day, she exposes her secret power when getting in conflicts with Anna.

  • She runs out of the Kingdom after leaving an unintentional curse bringing eternal winter to the land.

  • So Anna sets out to the North to persuade Elsa.

  • With the help of a Summer fan Snowman, a dog-like reindeer, and a friendly donkey, from here the adventure starts.

  • Let me be straight. Disney mainly makes movies for kids.

  • I won't say it will definitely win an Oscar or something as its storyline is quite simple.

  • That means whatever this group of people would encounter they'll be all going to happy ending.

  • When watching a Disney Cartoon we tend not to pay attention to its scripts, because the amusement, fun, effects and characters are what we care more.

  • If you only have expectation on these aspects, I'd say Frozen won't disappoint you.

  • But to everyone's surprise, Disney does make some admirable differences this time.

  • The unexpected outcome that even adult audience would be amused makes it really spectacular.

  • Besides, the characters' emotions are built on childish relationships no more.

  • For the first time Disney protagonist is in a heart-breaking dilemma, what makes the screenplay much more complicated,

  • to an extent that I don't think can be comprehended by young children.

  • Some screenplays could be more enjoyed by mature adults.

  • It's such a heart-melting movie for all ages.

  • I especially like the dancing scenes through the movie.

  • The music is grand, emotional and fits the situation perfectly, moving people to tears.

  • I personally think Frozen's musical part is one of Disney's most impressive since The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, even better than Tangled.

  • When watching it in 3D, finally I know what a "visual and auditory feast" feels like.

  • I've never got this impact from those hollywood blockbusters.

  • In addition to the story and music, they have super adorable characters.

  • Anna is just a cuddly annoying girl, but so cute.

  • As for Elsa, you wanna know if Elsa is charming enough?

  • There's even no need to say a word about her attractiveness.

  • There won't be a second queen like her.

  • Just look at her attack skill, defensive skill, crowd control skill, summoning skill, transformation skill

  • and this fucking icy palace construction that must demand tons of blue buff like she has unlimited mana.

  • HOLY SHIT I'm completely astonished.

  • I say, truly, it's worth to go to the theater watching it in 3D.

  • So that's it. Materials run-out. Generally speaking, although I'm mostly acclaiming its visual & auditory effects,

  • actually I was more impressed by the emotional messages, including the re-definition of "true love". I'm glad to see Disney successfully achieved two breakthroughs in Frozen.

  • First thing, they finally fucking realize that it's wrong to marry a man you just met.

  • Second, I won't say, you need to find it yourself.

  • Frozen is becoming one of the top-grossing films in Disney's history and I recommend it to everyone. For sure you don't want to miss it.

  • This is Shintaro's review. Thanks for watching.

注意:中文為母語的觀眾 請按右下角左起第2個按鈕關閉英文字幕


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