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This is a little gospel song that are raped and I hope you enjoy it.
This one's called His love Has Got a hold on Lee Hey, stopped lamprey.
Thank God, Study his word.
Each gig I heard on never really loathe Duel right now to go home Thio phrase for my head way Ever more will be in old time Gather There are ever greater feeling the now is loath staying routes on Calvary's Here reminds me l c Use Neil cross along in lane so far way it'll be happy.
Happy day weariness face I'll see as I'm stop dealin said, Thank you Got brains way ever more is beyond be And there are ever greater feeling that I'm feeling now raised right now my way time Gather there his loads get award on show these girls get ready right here goes up to the West Virginia coal miner.
I'm from the great state of West Virginia and this wouldn't talks about the coal mining.
So hope you like is when this one's called the West Virginia coal miner.
This'll mean cold has wait for me deep in its own dark.
You cannot see I had a lot of King book Who very Livni's Tall You Steel holds Me todo Like that will never heal.
Can be trees, Thomas easily past your cool games.
Lando Horace looking all day underground with Pick into Sheldon on my knees.
These Palestinians keep digging for my family.
Were all dependent on me, settles in my lungs.
At times, it's hardly breathe.
Love has me any trade offs.
Nothing around.
Here's came free.
Trace video games handle Horace.
When you live in my body down in that cold, cold, dark and shallow grave, it's right on my tombstone.
Here is where the West Virginia coal miner can be traced.
Todo just killed James Randall before is just past the old coal camps Amanda see?


A tribute to West Virginia coal miners | Johnny Staats & Dave Vaughn | TED Institute

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