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I think you're all crazy.
But that's why I love you.
Make me feel like it's all right to be crazy.
Most of us who were again a little too hard Still, it seems better than being lazy.
Sometimes I wonder if we're hardwired to word like farmers Awake a bit Don't me I won't sleep in hoping it out.
Right So did everyone would want way got to So good morning, young honest Good morning Remember you more than you may will you make scared and better every day So rest up It's going to be o okay.
Oh day We are eternally incomplete.
Honey, that's the greatest motivator.
Rather be stressed out Then depress not a steam Still needs some time to put our clothes on.
So good morning, young artists Good morning.
Remember you're more than what you may on where you may scared and better every day So rest up stoned Dio ke I think you are crazy That's why I love you Make me feel like it's all right to be crazy.
Thank you.
This is Sonia Cotton.
My name is Mike.
Semper Song is called Miss Metrodome.
This match.
You know I saw you there you stand on me And you It's happened along to song somewhere.
May Smith, you know, here in this play I can see you set the pace.
Not in a cheap.
You satisfy funds away your way, huh?
All those perfect taps.
Maybe you're in a rush.
Maybe the brain You so and, uh, go zone, uh, has to flex something.
Oh, on phone trains is growing.
You'll be tapping along that river so clearly when the train arrives City have no Smith You know our ride with you cause you tell s so cheap, You know, time found a way to conquer And you Thanks.


Mike Sempert performs at [email protected]

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