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When I sit down with a kiss, I always just tell them that there's still much out there in the world that they just don't know.
It's hard to become something that you don't think it's possible.
My name is Karim Baba Yaga.
Travel showed me how to open my eyes to opportunity.
Both my parents were Egyptian immigrants, and we bonded, settling and community and a story A where everyone just Arabic.
Then I got to college and I started to see opportunity.
Yes, starting to see how people lived differently and having the opportunity to talk to other people and see what their experiences like.
Maybe a completely different perspective of how I had been afforded us, the kid being in a bubble limits.
Your opportunity can aspire to be something that you never imagined.
You can't see your camp, Valdemar definitely heard about.
And once you learn more, that should give you permission to be able to change what you wanna do.
Change who you are.
My core value of Apollo's is being able to make a difference.
Having the opportunity to different parts of the world and see how people live allowed me to clarify what things were important to be in, and I had a moral obligation to use when I was given the network connections and everything and take that back to my community to help create the palace.
Not to use that.
I'm excused for other kids.
Girls just like me probably changed my life and expanded on what I've been able to do and against my own education.
And my goal is to be ableto help kids achieve the education that they need to one day be able to travel the world that open up their eyes, the opportunities that exist out there.


TED Fellow Karim Abouelnaga: Travel showed me....

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