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  • Matt making has been one of mankind's most important collaborative projects.

  • Maps form the foundation of agriculture, trade, science and long distance communication.

  • They inspired myths, religions, even identities.

  • The stories behind every society.

  • 70,000 years ago, the age of exploration began.

  • Our ancestors began to hunt and gather, spreading from Africa to Europe.

  • Asia in the Pacific.

  • Now we have GPS satellites, smartphones and autonomous drones criss crossing the globe, digitally mapping our world.

  • While it might feel that every point on the grid has been documented and the age of exploration has come to an end, why air we then still getting lost from Point A to point B?

  • Most maps operate in two dimensions.

  • The physical and the social.

  • Think about how we give directions.

  • Take the second turn over the small bridge and look for a two story yellow house at the end of the road.

  • Yet we assign places with numbers, street names.

  • What we have gained in organizing our world has created a loss of community driven knowledge, a knowledge that people across the world can only really know by being on the ground.

  • Unlike GPS coordinates, the addresses that define our world our social constructs and as such can be an exact If the supermarket became a strip mall, that one address could become 10.

  • Zoning and development can scramble the symmetry of the best laid grids.

  • Despite the impressive technology we have, the loss of tribal and community knowledge is a challenge that compromises the accuracy of digital maps.

  • It's a problem that only people with intimate knowledge of the terrain convicts like the travelers who drive those roads every day.

  • In some cases, there is no fixed address at all.

  • In these scenarios, we must think beyond physical and social mapping to remain flexible to mobile lifestyles, whether they are a nomad, a globe trotting entrepreneur or a political refugee.

Matt making has been one of mankind's most important collaborative projects.


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探検の時代 (The Age of Exploration)

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