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  • If you think of Macau, you probably think about gambling and for good reason.

  • It’s the world’s largest gambling hub.

  • The region generates four times more gaming revenue than that Las Vegas, making it one

  • of the richest places in the world.

  • But there is more to Macau than slot machines and roulette wheels.

  • For over 400 years it was a Portuguese colony. Ancient Chinese temples sit on streets paved

  • with traditional Portuguese tiles.

  • Welcome to Macau.

  • Macau is only a one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and is gambling mecca.

  • In 2017 Mainland Chinese tourists made over 22 million trips to Macau

  • and spent $273 per person.

  • There are 41 casinos in the region and the gambling industry makes up 60% of GDP.

  • But there is more to this city. You don’t have to spend your time throwing your money

  • away in air conditioned rooms.

  • This is Macau Peninsula - a large section of which is a designated a UNESCO World Heritage

  • site

  • Here the blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture is plain to see.

  • Churches sit alongside temples. While fortresses bear a mix characteristics.

  • These are the ruins of St. Paul’s, probable the the most well-known landmark in Macau.

  • It was originally a 17th-century church and college but was destroyed by fire in the 19th

  • century.

  • It features baroque carvings of oriental themes.

  • The bend of cultures has also shaped the food scene.

  • Street vendor's will sell you sell you Portuguese custard tarts and pork chop bun, which are

  • the Macau version of a hamburger.

  • At the other end of the spectrum is A Lorcha.

  • This authentic Portuguese restaurant keeps the colonial culinary heritage of Macau alive

  • It’s interior design is a node to the area’s navel history.

  • Finally, check out the view from The Macau Tower,

  • And then leap off it.

  • You can bungie down from the platform 233 meters above the ground.

  • Sure beats walking

If you think of Macau, you probably think about gambling and for good reason.


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カジノを超えてマカオを探索 (Exploring Macau, Beyond the Casinos)

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