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Ted slogan is ideas worth spreading?
And that is any good piece of media at all.
It conveys an idea that people then want to share.
What makes an ad word's spreading.
It's when it feels different on original, you know, great storytelling can make an ad worth spreading.
Be interesting and be interested.
I think what start the criteria for is this something I want to spread, and it has to capture the viewer's attention right away and never let go of it.
It has to illuminate a cultural truth that has some value to us.
Way wanted to really present these guys for what they are, which is tough, brave, warrior, like on actually turn any sense of pity that people had in tow.
We knew that there was an opportunity to create a bigger idea around education, and the first thing we did was we actually went out into the world, and we saw how education was actually happening in around classrooms.
Today we're bombarded with a lot of guilt ridden messages to make us feel guilty about the things that we're not doing, and I wanted to make something that didn't leave someone with guilt, but empowered them to make them feel that they actually could do something in that it was kind of painless and fun.
Young people in particular, kind of hard wired to not only ignore safety messages but actively work against what's this red, But so we have to find a way not only to get them to pay attention to it, but to actually create something that might actually change behavior.
Way just didn't want to do a commercial, just that presentation of God made a former.
We had an opportunity to make a piece of communication that could make a significant impact.
We thought, Well, what was interesting, I think about the three Little Pigs for Mei was.
Although it aired in this road block on Channel four, it had a life of its own.
Outside of that, I think the ad kind of spread globally pretty quickly.
Management relations, your movie in the one in the world over one.
Remember the year?
What do people feel?
How does that hast understand what goes through their minds moment before that gun goes off and it's time to prove your sweet past.
So we use that insight and made it really dramatic about what would happen in the body.
When you travel, you see things you haven't normally seen.
You experience things you don't normally experience, and it changes your perspective, and it helps you find a unique view that you may not have had before.
And that's an emotional thing.
That's something that's deeply personal.
It's sort of embedded in our DNA as human beings way.
Do believe that there is something interesting about doing experiential, something that is really get real people's reactions you cannot mimic or force or even act these kind of reactions.
You've gotta create a concept and other people may do things with it, and that's okay, because you'd be inviting those customers and consumers that care about you into our ideas more than we can today.
You can't really think about it as an audience that you're talking to, but a community.
I've always believed that a good advertisement has an inherent worth beyond message.


TED2013 Ads Worth Spreading

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