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  • I say are high there.

  • You kind of okay, You're currently working on a large budget coming out a new budget.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • 2004.

  • I went fishing family Barry Page Lots of photos of the evidence of that.

  • A year later, the riot started from there in 2005 in front of my teacher.

  • Bring my artwork in the front of the media and I came back in that neighborhood in 2020 minutes.

  • Like that photo with that truck.

  • I made them playing their own caricature the way we see them from Paris and I start facing them.

  • And you go from someone in the media that you can't work a night to someone that you can go and knock at the door because on the photo dated name, eh?

  • And even building number media that I grew up.

  • I go every day immediately conflict with my friend Marco.

  • We decided to go there and just have a look.

  • But we could go from both Wei and we realized that we were the ones who have put about them and make them face to face on both side of the world.

  • But none of the way teacher teacher like you know, a lot of them think that they can turn it off.

  • And we paid them on their wall without any authorization on both side.

  • And you know what he thought that would be kidnapped and would be arrested.

  • That would be evicted.

  • And we came back with them believing that like, that's where we think they're happy.

  • Can you imagine a guy in Romana that you face in Israeli face on his house?

  • He don't go and he will have to explain every day.

  • Why did you have any Israeli in front of the film?

  • Really?

  • You're that sometime?

  • Not where you think they're They're they're everywhere around you.

  • And immediately I realized it was the first time I called my world.

  • People who would You didn't have me down around them arriving in Sierra Leone.

  • Liberia?

  • Don't know, Kenny.

  • I started by Africa.

  • I realized that the men were holding the streets and I would have to confront them.

  • There would be the curator of my division woman 50 because I think that the woman revealed the whole coalition of the society I wanted from those portrayed with ST the woman that I did you photograph them and made them in down city and make this story truck.

  • But they wanted this trouble.

  • They wanted to show another teammate off themselves.

  • I will travel with the foot.

  • I would travel in another country and out of woman's highlight them in the same way.

  • Really?

  • Kenya, for example, I used mine is on the rooftop that protect them from the rain.

  • In each take, the people have to find that home interest in the project in places like Kenya or break year confrontation and experience with people with one phone that didn't make it.

  • I want to come back and link with people and they even more plate that I'm gonna come back and continue.

  • Sometimes the way of the project can be read even when the photo is gone.

  • You know the photo?

  • Exactly.

  • Memory goes with time, but we have a date and he made in your head.

  • I'm not trying to change the world.

I say are high there.


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