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  • I'm Aracelis Girmay,

  • and this is, "For Estefani, Third Grade, Who Made Me a Card."

  • Elephant on an orange line, underneath a yellow circle, meaning sun.

  • Six green, vertical lines, with color all from the top, meaning flowers.

  • The first time I peel back the five squares of Scotch tape,

  • unfold the crooked-crease fold of art class paper.

  • I am in my living room. It is June.

  • Inside of the card, there is one long word, and then

  • Estefani’s name:

  • Loisfoeribari Estefani

  • Loisfoeribari?

  • Loisfoeribari:

  • The scientific, Latinate way of saying hibiscus.

  • Loisforeribari: A direction, as in: are you going

  • North? South? East? West? Loisfoeribari?

  • I try, over and over, to read the word out loud.

  • Loisfoeribari.

  • LoISFOeribari.

  • LoiSFOEribari.

  • LoisFOERibARI.

  • What is this word? I imagine using it in sentences like,

  • Man, I have to go back to the house, I forgot my Loisfoeribari.”

  • orThere’s nothing better than rain, hot rain,

  • open windows with music, and a tall glass of Loisfoeribari.”

  • orHow are we getting to Pittsburgh? Should we drive or take the Loisfoeribari?”

  • I have lived four minutes with this word not knowing what it means.

  • It is the end of the year. I consider writing my student,

  • Estefani, a letter that goes:

  • To The BRILLIANT Estefani!

  • Hola, querida, I hope that you are well.

  • I’ve just opened the card that you made me, and it is beautiful.

  • I really love the way you filled the sky with birds.

  • I believe that you are chula, chulita, and super fly!

  • Yes, the card is beautiful.

  • I only have one question for you.

  • What does the wordLoisfoeribarimean?

  • I try the word again. Loisfoeribari.

  • Loisfoeribari. Loisfoeribari.

  • I try the word in Spanish.

  • Loisfoeribari

  • Lo-ees-fo-eh-dee-bah-dee

  • Lo-ees-fo-eh-dee-bah-dee

  • and then, slowly,

  • Lo is fo e ri bari

  • Lo is fo eribari

  • love is for everybody love is for every every body love

  • love love everybody love everybody love love

  • is love everybody everybody is love

  • love love for love for everybody

  • for love is everybody love is for every

  • love is for every body love love love for body

  • love body body is love love is body every body is love

  • is every love for every love is love

  • for love everybody love love love love for everybody

  • Love is for everybody.

I'm Aracelis Girmay,


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A2 初級

"エステファーニのために" アラセリス・ギルメイの詩 ("For Estefani" poem by Aracelis Girmay)

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