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  • Hi.

  • No way.

  • It's not 32 degrees Celsius because I came here from Carousel, where I'm a coral biologist.

  • So I'm excited to be a Ted because people are amazing and it's a little bit cooler than the weather that I'm used to it getting ready for the conference a bit nervous, that really, really, really todo exciting.

  • Being around so many creative.

  • It's going to be a lot of fun.

  • You're different points.

  • Just go forward with everything.

  • I'm looking forward to it.

  • Happy, but a bit overwhelmed.

  • Uh, group activity can be intimidating for me in general, but as I started to see some of the people who were here, I think it's gonna be pretty time to interact with with folks who were doing some incredible like I'm excited to be a stability of people work this big in Scotland.

  • I've never been here before and nothing to say, but I'm so excited you can't use it here.



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TEDGlobal 2012 フェローが到着 (TEDGlobal 2012 Fellows arrive!)

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