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What if someone told you that they were going to drop a 30 ton water balloons when your neighbor you would probably run?
But in reality, brave souls everywhere take this possibility in stride and confront it face to face fearlessly.
Because £60,000 of water that is headed to your town is heading in.
The form of bog is most likely to occur overnight and really near dawn, when the temperature of the day is normally, it's close.
It's these cold temperatures that actually helped produce.
The fog is supposed the water was you would find about 1,503,000 drop words per cubic inch, and about 56,000 gallons of water is in one cubic mile, which is a whole lot of water.
Fog has its own personality, and you have many subsets under there.
Types of dogs are radiation, fog, sea fog, grandpa, infection, upslope, fog valley ice bar in artificial.
One particular fascinating fog would be San Francisco, where they have named it Carl.
Particularly challenging to know if it's gonna affect San Francisco, or it's gonna affect Oakland.
One could have 10 miles of visibility, and you don't want 1/4 mile visibility just because of subtle differences in wind flow.
So Karl very much has a mind of its own that loses fog around the bay.
Fog is not only climatically.
Significant is also culturally significant.
Back in 17 76 General George Washington 10 his commanders Ray will to escape, captured by the British army.
A using fog is a decoy.
Are concealment of their location.
Fog also effects sound.
The higher frequency, the sound, The more defects in the lower frequency sounds doesn't affect as much.
Thus, when ships or boats, they use a foghorn of a very low frequency so they can mourn other vessels that they're there.
Hear UPS Airlines We have adapted to fog.
Over time we've gone thio many category three aircraft there 757 Boeing 75776 Sevens are Category three aircraft.
I only require 600 foot visibility to land, which is much visibility on every room way that you're landing on.
There's a runway visible range called RVR on that saying laser system out on the runway that measures the visibility.
Then the airport's themselves have what's called an instrument landing system.
It's a radio frequency that the pilots can pick up on in the cockpit, along with a lighting system out on the runways that allow you to land at these low visibility.
Forecasting to me is my expertise.
So it's in some meteorologists.
This is the way my name is Jeff Peters, and I'm an aviation meteorologist, UPS Airlines.


FOG: Clearing up the confusion

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