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“Grave of the Fireflies” in dancing of lights from “Detroit Metal City” “Another” “Spirited Away” chasing the “Tiger and Bunny” without thinking twice, “Tweeny Witches” Seeking an adventure after “Shiki”
Until the “Ghost Hound” Ate the “Soul Eater” and “Bleach”ed the “Red Garden” to build the “Doubt”, “Guilty Crown”
Hope found when hopeless, “Gosick”, noticed
The “Death Note” “Bunny Drop”ped under the “Half Moon” “Pastel” “Angel Beats” “Monsters” till their “Wild Arm”s bruised
“Pandora Hearts” bloom in the “Cage of Eden” with “Air Gear”ed towards “Before Dawn and the End of this World”
“The Beautiful ‘World’ Embryo” hatched “Gilgamesh” to “Hellsing” the “Elfen Lied” At “Level E” telling me the “Perfect Blue”
For this “Deadman Wonderland” is “True Tears” of “The Third” “Trouble (To-LOVE-Ru)”
From “Liar’s Game” so “When The Cicadas Cry” (Higurashi) at “Eve of Time”, “Blazer Drive” will bring bout “Steins;Gate”
“Cross Game”s with “Spice and ‘Wolf/ves’ Rain”, “Gungrave”s and “Claymore” buried “Howl’s Moving Castle”
Now to be “Darker Than Black” on this “Sentimental Journey” Until we find the “Whisper of the Heart” in the “Voices of a Distant Star” at “Vinland (Saga)”
“Cube Cursed Curious”; “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control” that oozed the “Blood-C”
Upon “Casshern Sins” in “One Piece”, “Hunter x Hunter”ed
"Boogiepop Phantom" killed - "Black Butler"s protecting “Little Busters”
“Infinite Stratos” for the “Wings of Rean” to stretch it’s “Charcoal Feather Federation" of “Twelve Kingdoms” “Spiral”ed to a “Corpse Party” with “Hell Girl”
“Psyren” the “Attack on Titans” left behind is “Psycho-Pass” amongst “Dead Leaves” That grew the "Flower of Evil" offered to "Paranoia Agent"
Played in "Majors" of "The Last Love Song on this Little Planet" (SaiKano) "Forsaken, Tempest"s of "Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge"
"Shuffle"-ing "Shangri-La" to a "Neon Genesis Evangelion" with "Chrono Crusade" for "Beck"
"The World God Only Knows" is the "Ghost in the Shell" Goes onto tell "The Place Promised in Our Early Days", "Canaan"
In "Future Diary" with no turn of page "Now and Then, Here and There"
the "MAR" that "Last Exiled" was "Ergo Proxy" wearing "Glass Mask"
"Durarara" chanted by "Armed Librarians" in "Full Metal, Alchemists" in "Persona 4" "Boundary of Emptiness"
A "Fate/'Zero's Familiar" with "Birdy the Mighty De'Code' Geass"
Pocket Monsters" released from "Computer Coils" of "Serial Experiments Lain"


Words of Chaos - Ashakami

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