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  • authorities in China say the death toll from the Corona virus has now passed the 800 mark.

  • That means the disease has now killed more people than the deadly SARS outbreak nearly two decades ago.

  • Almost all the reported deaths and most of the new infections are in the Chinese province of Hugh Bay, where the Corona virus was first discovered.

  • Globally, there are now some 37,500 confirmed cases of the virus.

  • China says there have been fewer new infections than in previous days, but overall the virus continues to spread.

  • On Monday, millions of Chinese are expected to return to work after the extended Lunar New Year break is over.

  • Nevertheless, China is still far from back to normal.

  • This is the extent to which China is trying to get a grip on this outbreak.

  • Medical officials forcibly remove a family from their home.

  • It is believed they had just returned from Wuhan on, had refused to self quarantine.

  • 1/3 man is determined not to go without a struggle.

  • In the end, it takes four adults to dry, came out at the World Health Organization.

  • The spread of the disease isn't there only struggle.

  • We're not just battling the virus.

  • We're also battling the trolls and conspiracy conspire ACY tourists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response.

  • With more than 800 fatalities, the Corona virus has killed more people than stars, but the real number could be higher.

  • Whistle blowers have reported doctors not diagnosing cases on disposing off bodies.

  • Meanwhile, rescue flights continue.

  • 30 Filipinos were flowing out of Wuhan grown zero of this virus and landed back in the Philippines on Sunday.

  • More than 20 countries are no affected, with almost 40,000 cases among them.

  • A family of five living in the French Alps were infected after coming into contact with a man who'd bean in Singapore.

  • My daughter was in the same class as the boy who has contracted the Corona virus, and what we really condemn as parents is that we haven't received any information either from the school or from the city Hall on.

  • What we should do now to local skills will be shut for the next week.

  • Authorities here finding that like the virus on misinformation, concern spread quickly too.

  • The doctor stereos Moscow's is a molecular biologist from Northumbria University in Newcastle, in the UK and he joins me now.

  • Sarah Hi.

  • More people have now died from the Corona virus, then from the deadly SARS outbreak nearly 20 years ago.

  • Is that a court cause for new worries?

  • No, it's not quite simply because the number of cases that we have a Corona virus, my far outstripped the number of cases overall.

  • But we have for sauce, so the relative danger off the virus is much smaller.

  • I think what we need to pay attention is the requirement for people to be informed.

  • The correct information.

  • The virus is almost exclusively affect in China.

  • Right now, there's a handful of cases around the world that is in itself cause for attention and concern.

  • But for public health, authorities on government is not that moment something that people on the day to day life should be concerned about.

  • You just raised the point about family whose child wasn't same school.

  • That's the one affected the out that is it a game, an example of where information needs to be conveyed quickly and efficiently to inform these individuals if there are symptoms or flu on that has bean a potential risk of exposure to somebody who's being in the effect territories, then they need to stay at home and notify the local health authorities.

  • And there's a simple is that so not a cause for mass panic yet, but the infection rate is still high.

  • But China's saying there's been a slowdown in the numbers of people contracting the virus.

  • Now have we reached the outbreaks peak?

  • You know, what we are saying is that the number of people getting infected is remaining fairly consistent.

  • It's it's not accelerating.

  • One has, you know, we all are gonna bait up.

  • Referencing will happen till the next few days.

  • As the people return to work in China, the economy has to continue moving on.

  • The rial risk is that we have that disease where the number off severe cases is quiet, relatively high on those cases place a substantial burden on health care providers.

  • Anyway, even in the West that we have these kind of numbers, we would be struggling to keep up with the cases, so that's the big concern where it stands.

  • The next concern is the availability of medical supplies to the Chinese.

  • There's a there's a lot of people out there even here in Newcastle.

  • Lipstick People wearing masks you don't need to be wearing must unless you you yourself are experiencing flu symptoms on.

  • This is not my opinion.

  • This is what the W H o recommends.

  • People are going away holding mask.

  • This is not what we need to be doing cause it's not been offered us any protection from get getting the virus we need to be making resources available to China on other countries were under resourced compared to China so that if the situation gets worse, they have the necessary supplies to cope with it.

  • Stereo Marcia Moskos.

  • Many Thanks for that update.

  • You're welcome.

authorities in China say the death toll from the Corona virus has now passed the 800 mark.


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