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  • well.

  • The stage is all set for Georgia residents in there to join hands for the party agenda parties and there were joined the Saffron Party today after 12 p.m. It's what the sources are indicating at the moment after being a member of the Congress Party for 18 Hole Yours Joe.

  • The other tests and they are designed from the Congress.

  • On Monday, in a letter written to Sonia Gandhi data, ninth of March, Cinda said it is Stein for him to move on, saying they're also tweeted a copy off his resignation letter shortly after he met Prime Minister More.

  • The Enema chart seven Locally on mark yesterday, you also met Be Chippy chief J B.

  • Nadav BDP Sources also say that Cindy on maybe field it for Roger Supper and that he could also get a ministerial berth in the Union Cabinet.

  • That's the latest that we're picking up as far as is in dire Sakai's concern to do with my reputation.

  • Little old way, thank you.

  • I mean, there's no joining us live reporting from outside Kamenetz House, But let's let's, uh, shift focus to Georgia.

  • The test in there for a moment and you know away from Camelot for coming lot.

  • Of course, it is too late for him now to get Joe Predators and they're back in this camp on Looks like the way forward is going to be B J p for Joe Dreaded test in there.

  • But is that also going to be easy walk in the park with George?

  • Credit this in there, given the kind of political ideology that he stands for.

  • What?

  • Well, the fact that this has happened with the British government is because come a lot egregious ing and the entire Congress Party was always thinking that Come what made Joe Torre This India would never leave the Congress Party.

  • And this they were hoping because of the political compulsions of because in Gwalior there is no rinsing tumor.

  • There is dancing.

  • Puea.

  • There is about a new pressure.

  • Other stall What BDP leaders who are from Gwalior, jumbled reason.

  • A new leader from the Congress Party.

  • It would be really very difficult for them to accept in the Golden Temple region.

  • So the Congress was also hoping that this could never happen.

  • But this has happened.

  • Joe s India, for short has left the Congress party.

  • He has been expelled in the pastor, and his father was also expelled.

  • But that time he had from the bloody British because Congress and later he was allowed to come back on, in fact requested to come back to the Congress for But this time around, if Joe Travis in there joins hands with the BDP and joins the B G A P, the road back to the Congress, for the moment is shut for him on dhe inside the Congress.

  • Other than dealing with the shock troops of the B J P from the Holy Temple region that BP has got its own style of functioning, the discipline is there, unlike the Congress Party, because I'll tell you how Joe threat that this India and other Congress leaders they used to enter the Congress officer, we're here in Bhopal.

  • There were always people with them, hundreds of their supporters, one behind the 100 grand, the cards 100 in front of the car on sloganeering and holding these things.

  • But things don't work like that with the B.

  • J.

  • P.

  • So as the Congress leader was pointing out that within the Congress he was a maharajah.

  • But there You'll have to be an ordinary A project, he was saying.

  • But there he'll have to be an ordinary leader.

  • Only culture mismatch off political ideologies as well.

  • But looks like there is no way, Joe, that is.

  • And I can now go back to the Congress party and all eyes now on him joining the be chippy.

  • Today we're getting breaking news coming and going straight across to it.

  • Hi, everyone.

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