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  • waking in the morning.

  • You're talking, You're smooth.

  • Put your hand inside it and she'll tell you where to find it back soon stalking.

  • And when she's not talking sure she wants fucking talking, Stalking?

  • If you're not into rocket, you best keep on walking.

  • I think she wants to believe you, but she only wants to see you in a black suit.

  • Stalking, Stalking investigation.

  • Captivating that stocking.

  • Black suit stalking Flash flash three.

  • Stop smoking Next.

  • Dukes talking Stop, stop, stop!

  • Oh, baby, baby.

  • No one's love your generation talking, Baby.

  • No one's loving your generation lacks your study.

  • Black suit stocking lacks stalking kinky sex.

  • I don't like Okay, baby.

waking in the morning.


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Jane Badler - Black Silk Stockings (Tracy Young Remix) (Jane Badler - Black Silk Stockings (Tracy Young Remix))

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