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  • Let's get the latest now on those 3500 people stuck on that cruise ship off the coast of California.

  • After sailing in circles for days, they will finally be coming ashore.

  • And NBC's Matt Gutman is in San Francisco with much more on this story.

  • Matt, Good morning to you.

  • Hey, good morning, Dan.

  • This is still very much a plan in progress.

  • But after four days of uncertainty, just a few hours ago, passengers aboard that ship finally notified that they will be offloaded just across the bay for me in Oakland on Monday.

  • But one of the reasons for the rising sense of urgency I'm told that over 1000 people aboard that ship, er and then most vulnerable of age groups 70 and above hours ago salvation at sea for the 3500 people aboard the Grand Princess Cruise ship Strong have a casing, but all of the guests and crew currently on the ground, three ships captain, then amending that the ship will now be docking Monday, allowing passengers toe finally disembark at the Port of Oakland.

  • Those with medical conditions will be screened and placed in isolation.

  • Those from California will be sent to facilities in ST.

  • Others will be sent to out of state facilities and overnight, the Grand Princess, taking on drinking water and hygiene kits.

  • But frustration and fear had been boiling over aboard the Grand Princess, with passengers stranded at sea for days.

  • My Kalman, a retired sheriff's sergeant from Broward County, Florida, doesn't scare easily, though he's rattled now would be honest with me Instead of floating around San Francisco, I kind of feel like we're floating around the drain, just waiting here to get the virus.

  • And we're trying to get off the ship as soon as possible to get to a more sterile environment where we can make sure that we were tested.

  • We haven't been tested, We want to be tested properly, and we want to make sure that we're safe.

  • And with the ship forced to do pirouettes off the coast of California for days, even the grand princesses beleaguered captain sounding exasperated Saturday and as vice president Mike Pence saying that another princess cruise is being tracked.

  • We are tracking a TTE this point, a ship that may have shared crew with the diamond princess of the Grand Princess, and we've we've taken decisive action toe hold until we do a full medical assessment of of the crew on that ship.

  • The cruise line says there are thousands aboard that ship.

  • There is concern about a crew member who might have been exposed from a previous Grand Princess cruise on shore.

  • Preparations.

  • Mounting tents set up in San Francisco as police are now being dispatched.

  • A handout.

  • Corona virus.

  • Flyers officials clearly trying to avoid the kind of disaster we saw on the Diamond Princess off Japan, which about 700 people were infected.

  • But there's still a fair amount of uncertainty here.

  • We do know that the crew will be kept on board the Grand Princess for about 14 days.

  • We do not know how long or exactly wherein which fit federal facilities.

  • The passengers will be held in isolation.

  • Still, the folks were talking to are saying they're enormously relieved to finally get off that ship.

  • Very relieved.

  • I am sure now, of course.

  • Thank you, Matt.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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Let's get the latest now on those 3500 people stuck on that cruise ship off the coast of California.


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