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  • This is pretty exciting.

  • Google pixel for I've been a big fan of pixel devices in the past and now we have some information.

  • Some news, potentially a release dates, inspect some leeks and some renders of the potential upcoming pixel for pixel for excel.

  • And I have to say I'm kind of surprised.

  • It seems like the pixel four pixel for Excel may take a lot of inspiration More than I expected from the device.

  • I'm currently using this guy right here.

  • The galaxy s 10.

  • Both the sketch up and the renders that we're looking at right now have the hole punch set up rather than the notch that the previous generation had.

  • No, of course, many people We're very critical of the notch implementation on the pixel three excel specifically, It was kind of this weird notch that came way down into the frame, but they did so in order to fit in a secondary front facing camera.

  • Now with this render right here, you can see they got the whole punch set up, and it's it's somewhat less offensive.

  • The hole punch is weird to me because when I first saw her, I was like, what's the point.

  • I don't get it.

  • I mean, is there is there no other way that we can approach the situation?

  • But having used the hole punch now on the S 10 for, like, a couple of weeks, I do have to say I think it is better than the notch just because it's over in the corner the singular hole punch for a smaller version and the double hole punch for the larger version.

  • This could, of course, still accommodate that wide angle camera that we saw on the Three Excel.

  • So that could be the secondary unit now looking around back of these renders things get a bit more interesting because, as you know, Google was adamant on a previous version.

  • They could do everything in software.

  • They could create the best camera on any smartphone with a singular lens, even though other manufacturers we're putting all kinds of lenses into their devices.

  • You ended up with some amazing images coming off of the pixel phones, even though you had one camera lens.

  • They all took place within the software, and they still looked amazing.

  • But of course, there's only so much you could do in software.

  • You can't get a wider angle picture.

  • For example, the larger version of the next pixel pixel four Excel may see a secondary lens on the back of the device.

  • And if it does, I sure hope that's a wide angle lens to go with the more typical standard lens that we see right now on the three and three Excel.

  • Now speculation at this point is that the release date could be around the end of October.

  • With the announcement in early October, they're likely going to be shrinking the bez A ll on the device as well.

  • As you know, on both the three and Three Excel.

  • They kind of seemed outdated when they launched, compared to the other products that were on the market, especially the price point that the pixel targeted price wise.

  • It's expected that this is gonna fall into flagship territory, but that's not a surprise.

  • I think most people would expect that could probably assume this thing's gonna have the latest snapdragon processor.

  • Of course it would.

  • If Google does go this way with the hole punch set up, it seems like right now Samsung could likely be their supplier for those displays.

  • So you could see an improvement in performance of the old ed panel on the device itself.

  • On previous generations, you saw displays from LG that weren't received the greatest in a smartphone segment.

  • I mean, there were a lot of people had all kinds of problems with color shift, they said.

  • The displays looked a bit yellow.

  • And, of course, there was also variance in display performance from one phone to the next.

  • It's not a secret at this point that Samsung's out there making probably the best oh led displays on smartphones.

  • They supply other manufacturers, Apple included.

  • If Google can buy these hole punch OLEDs from Samsung, I'd say we're in good shape with the next generation pixel.

  • Now.

  • I don't expect to see a headphone jack make a comeback on this device is probably gonna have one port.

  • I'm assuming it's going to be USB type seat down on the bottom.

  • It will likely also have wireless charging, and I think they should implement some of the shared charging features that you can see right now on the S 10 s, 10 plus.

  • Of course, you see the latest android software That's one of the benefits of being on the pixel side and naturally, the case with the picture of four picks, All four Excel.

  • So I do have to say I'm excited for it.

  • I do feel like the last generation was a bit dated at launch just because of the appearance of it on the previous version.

  • It wasn't such a huge drawback using the device, it was more of a looking more of an aesthetic thing.

  • So if Google could go in and drop a product and release a product that looks like this, render right here with the hole punch set up in conjunction with their incredible camera software and processing computational photography and then the stock Android experience wireless charging the latest processor, lots of RAM and so on this could be very compelling package.

  • Of course, it all comes down to Price.

  • We'll see where they line up.

  • It's probably going to be flagship territory, but they could really disrupt things.

  • If they can come in 100 or a couple $100 cheaper, we'll have to wait and see.

  • This is what we know right now.

  • Pixel four for Excel, possibly coming out in October.

  • I don't know.

  • I'm kind of excited.

This is pretty exciting.


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