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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now a while back, we revisited the steam hardware Survey's most popular graphics cards.

  • We looked at how the Jew ticks 10 60 10.

  • 50 T I.

  • R x 5 80 an Rx 5 70 held up in modern games today.

  • I want to take a quick, up to date look at the standard 10 50 from in video as its popularity is still on the rise, likely due to its common inclusion with entry level gaming laptops.

  • Hence white.

  • Still a somewhat relevant card, although I can't recommend buying the car brand your anymore due to the availability and pricing of the 16 50 16 50 Super, there are some great deals on the used market out there.

  • Having said that, though, and I can only speak for the UK, it's not difficult to find a used Rx 5 70 from a M D for the same price, which is a better all round card.

  • So with the question, is it worth it aside?

  • Let's answer the question.

  • Can it still game instead?

  • Now, today I'm focusing on the two gig original card because of our three gig version exists.

  • It's seemingly non existent online on when I could find one.

  • It's priced the same as a 10 50 t I making that one mostly irrelevant.

  • But let's get into it.

  • The outer worlds will average around 45 F.

  • P s a high, which sounds surprising, but it runs very well on in video hardware.

  • Sorry am D.

  • I found in Green's offerings always tend to give a better experience here, and that's reflected in the ability to push things up too high.

  • Of course, this also depends on your process.

  • It and RAM, but I'm using arrives in 5 1600 The new F version, which is a wonderful sub £100 or dollars CPU on 16 gigs of 3200 megahertz DDR four in red Dead redemption to two gigabyte cards will often hit the in game V RAM limiter if you try and go above the low settings.

  • And to be honest, a card like the 10 50 is best suited to a reduced preset 10.

  • 80 p is still doable most of the time, though, so that's a bonus, but 900 p, maybe the best way to play as we move through 2020.

  • I'm not sure how much longer to get card will be able to hold out when it comes to the newest Triple eight titles.

  • Of course, in Metro Exodus, the 10 50 will struggle it for later today, and this is where those two extra letters at the end of the 10 50 t eyes name will come in handy.

  • That and the extra V room.

  • Of course, this is 10 80 p normal, though, as Thegame defaulted to this.

  • But if you switch to low, unlock the games of 30 then the experience will be a better one, although the frame dips are unavoidable.

  • I'm testing Kingdom come next because it's received a lot of updates since its release, and it's still a graphical masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned with the ability to put even high end GP use through their paces of ultra settings.

  • Our humble to give 10 50 is better off with medium, though, where it will manage just over 40 f.

  • B s there in mind.

  • This is countryside gameplay, and although I find myself spending less time in towns, it may cause performance drops, Battlefield five war and fine as well, though I'd recommend low or medium settings.

  • Obviously, I couldn't resist trying out ultra settings and even sorry, Battlefield five will still run fine on the 10 50 with at least 30 F.

  • P.

  • S.

  • In fact, we were averaging 40 here.

  • This demanding tank level put the card through its paces, and once again, a good multi core CPU is more important here, as this is quite a process of intensive as a desktop graphics card, the 10 50 is still somewhat capable at 10 80 p, but it doesn't make much sense to go out one by one.

  • In the world of gaming laptops, however, where this card is still commonplace at the lower end of the market, the 10 50 carries a lot more relevancy even today.

  • And anyone looking at a 10 50 based laptop will still be able to play their favorite games with at least 30 F.

  • P s at full HD.

  • Providing the process and RAM are up to the job as well.

  • So I'd like to in the video there, I think the 10 50 lives on as a decent budget gaming laptop, GPU.

  • But as Faras, the desktop versions are concerned well I wouldn't recommend going out and buying one any more.

  • Thank you very much for watching.

  • I hope you enjoyed this quick look back at the two Big 10 50.

  • If you did leave her, like on it down below.

  • Leave Dislike.

  • If you didn't enjoy the video, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.

  • And hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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