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  • Oh, come on, come on.

  • Get in there.

  • This must be the specific type of panic the guys feel when they're trying to find the vagina hole in the dark.

  • They're just struggling down there.

  • Try to fuel it out.

  • Now, if you're still praying that all of her baby spiders don't fly on YouTube it seek revenge in my apartment.

  • Baby spiders.

  • If you're watching this, I'm deeply sorry.

  • But you know what they say Aesthetics before records.

  • I'm very proud that I came up with that one and it didn't sound is good allowed as it did in my brain.

  • You guys a lot.

  • Do we just have a very like, mysteriously placed vagina?

  • Because I feel like every time I hook up with a new guy, there's a little bit of rummaging.

  • Let's just say let's get started making over this apartment.

  • Also, side note.

  • My finger has been like bleeding while I've been recording this entire clip because I chronically picket my cuticles as like a weird anxiety thing.

  • Time to go and clean my finger.

  • Blood off the floor.

  • How did that all come from?

  • My one finger, Swiffer.

  • Great for all your crimes.

  • Seed needs.

  • I am an absolute Hofer windows.

  • And when I saw this 10 boy, she got me going.

  • That sounds like I have finished Also.

  • Is it just me, or is that sound immensely satisfied?

  • Just starting a remarkable instead of this place used to be, Yes.

  • I love the YouTube algorithm so much.

  • The real power move would just be too started musically.

  • Oh, God, Yes.

  • I started this apartment makeover so long ago that Tic Tac wasn't even ticked off yet.

  • It was still called musically.

  • I don't know.

  • I'm just gonna ribbit with my toes.

  • How?

  • Fuck My favorite moment of building anything is this inevitable moment where you realize that you might have lost a screw and you don't have a replacement, Screw?

  • No, Um, and this is only normally found it.

  • Anyways, I've never wallpapered in my life before, but no time like the present to learn something new and also hope that you don't fuck it up because you spent like $200 on wallpaper, Ashley.

  • Okay, I fucked up.

  • Look, they're like the's huge, clumpy boys, and then the rest of it is like water.

  • It's on a paste.

  • You didn't tell me the story you just told.

  • Oh, no.

  • I'm gonna try to chop up the Jell O in here and see whether it, like, blends together more evenly.

  • Can we all just create?

  • I'm essentially just chopping up snot with a nice all right, solid eight.

  • Why's this floor so pretty?

  • I wouldn't call this kitchen ugly.

  • I just call it a little bit confused, like me with my style in middle school.

  • And she just needs a little makeover.

  • She needs to stop wearing scarves to school every day, even in the spring.

  • That's getting a little bit weird.

  • She's too tight.

  • It is literally December.

  • I've lived here for nine months, and I am still rearranging the furniture.

  • Get again Thistles in my nightly activity for the past, like three weeks is just trying to shuffle around the furniture into an arrangement that makes sense.

  • I've had about, like, three different furniture Selves so far, and none of them actually makes sense to me.

  • The problem is that this apartment is just one huge lord rectangle, and no matter how I arranged the furniture, it feels really awkward and empty in the middle.

  • So tonight we're playing a fun game of How much can I annoy all of my neighbors by moving around all of my furniture yet again?

  • Okay, so first up, I tried moving my arm chairs into the corner.

  • That's closest to the window.

  • I figured that was a pretty empty corner.

  • So it might be a good place to have my living room, and it was near the sun and stuff, and I actually kind of like the armchairs here, except that, like then I didn't know what to do with my other pink armchair here.

  • I was trying to figure out where my big mirror should go, and I realized it can't go too far left on the wall.

  • Otherwise it would reflect onto my heater, and then you would just see two of, like, my ugly heater unit.

  • So when you need to be further over on the right, I was like, maybe I could have this little filming corner with the wallpaper, but look super random.

  • So I decided to move the clothing rack to that corner and have, like, a little getting dressed corner, which kind of made sense and then over here, like I was just so confused I had these two pieces of furniture left, and I was like, What do we do with them?

  • Is this arm here just in the middle of the fucking wall anyways?

  • Yeah.

  • Said I ended up not working out, but I tried.

Oh, come on, come on.


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