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  • okay guys let's be serious so I want to help I want to make a vlog

  • Wow yeah we're doing Thank You Benny we're gonna do a vlog of getting

  • haircuts Trischka Lenny water pure restoration you know that's true theory

  • a possibility okay boys excited about your haircuts

  • okay who's gonna go for us for the haircut that's what you doing what you

  • want to say about your haircut Maximus baby how do you feel about the process

  • know Jake is with Max we may enough for me Maxie how do you feel about getting

  • your first haircut

  • going on Jake you're making thick tops why so serious

  • excited for your haircut though are you scared you don't want to look

  • like Jim Carrey anymore then Wow you look more and more like me every day

  • son Benny come here and show me wow you look great

  • you look great so what's relieving Betty well you got your like reward over there

  • you're all you did great son I'm really proud of you look like a million bucks

  • honestly if you look like an angel they take a picture

  • look cheese Oh getting out the video you look great baby

  • proud of you you did such a good job getting a haircut

  • now you look awesome for Jamaica it's like family time I'm happy to do this

  • once a week they won't have any hair left I'm so proud of you I remember how

  • scared the work getting hurt that's before and now you were just

  • you learned a Russian culture so much that like whenever you have a chance to

  • be really immersed in it you just really go in I'll tell you at this place the

  • kind of hair I'd be here like all the time I think I'm just gonna come here

  • like read magazines and eat chocolates and drink coffee

  • come on Pacific Ocean waters no I feel verse 3 Scott Benny Benny

  • Benny stop it Ben my love Benjamin stop playing with stuff

  • let's do it before shot ok ok you guys ready now that's a creative emotion well

  • you're gonna do it down what's the difference they're mine they're my

  • babies hairs I have to keep them where should I put it

  • Wow I thought the quad Busboys choice out if you want to see how I curl my

  • hair click here thank you guys so much for joining for the chaos of cutting the

  • hair

okay guys let's be serious so I want to help I want to make a vlog


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サロンCHAOS|息子の髪を救った方法 (Salon CHAOS | How We Saved My Son's Hair)

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