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  • now, as you can tell, I got a couple of different models in front of me.

  • These are metallic objects generally used in the production of cases for upcoming smartphones.

  • These are the first things that case manufacturers get their hands on so they can go out and make a case to spec for an upcoming device.

  • Now glancing at these based on various leaks, rumors and things that you've probably already seen.

  • You might think that this is a mock up of an upcoming iPhone because we've seen all the rumors for the next generation iPhone have this unusual square cut out in the top corner.

  • But I'm here to tell you that this particular object in front of me is actually not a mock up of the next generation iPhone at all.

  • Instead, these to represent the next generation pixel device from Google.

  • So it's not going to be just one brand with the square giant camera cut out, Google's going down the same pathway.

  • If these mock ups right here are to be believed, and at this moment I'm fairly confident that this is, ah, pretty good representation of what the next generation pixel might look like.

  • So why such big cutouts?

  • Why our manufacturers going in this direction?

  • Of course.

  • Well, you guessed it, it's it's more cameras.

  • So in each one of these cut outs on the back is gonna be two cameras facing backwards, as well as another sensor above that which is gonna be called a spectral sensor.

  • It's another type of imaging techniques.

  • So lots of camera equipment, camera, tech, house in either of these two devices, Now you can tell straight away that one of them is larger than the other.

  • This will be the plus size model variant of the next generation Google Pixel the Excel, as they have called it in the past.

  • And the foreign factor's gonna be actually quite similar to the current generation X l versus non Excel.

  • So from AA size perspective, they should be in the same wheelhouse on the front.

  • They're gonna change a little bit, though, on the big guy.

  • Right now, you have a notch essentially the knots that nobody liked.

  • The notch that came down too far a notch too far, this one.

  • On the other hand, they're just gonna fully embrace the idea of a forehead of a top basil.

  • I don't know how it's gonna be received by the public, but the reason for this is because they're gonna pack a lot more tech into the forehead section of this upcoming device.

  • So on the current model, as you know, they made the decision to put two front facing cameras in it, which was a bit bizarre as it was unusual, especially considering the previous generation pixel was a single camera device on the rear.

  • So then why would you have two on the front?

  • Well, they gave you this wide angle selfie camera.

  • And when it comes to like all the cool software stuff that was happening on the rear camera, there's still not much that can be done for creating an ultra wide image with with the absence of having another wide angle lens.

  • So on the front of the device, they put those two front facing cameras.

  • But they're gonna go a step further on this next generation device.

  • There's actually gonna be a total of five different imaging units on the front five imaging units on the front.

  • Now, I can't speak to the exact technology that's going to be in there, but I think Google is going for a similar approach to what Apple has done.

  • It might be the dot projection tech.

  • It could be I are.

  • We're not really certain at this point, but this device lacks any kind of fingerprint unlock, like the previous version of the Google pixel has.

  • So it's going to be a face unlock Onley.

  • And, as you know, with optical based face unlock, there are limitations to the security level that you can achieve just with the front facing camera.

  • You've got to put some more tech in there and is one of the reasons that Apple is kind of committed to their current notch layout because you just need more space for all those various sensors and imagers so you could see five total imaging units on the front of the next generation pixel devices.

  • Now, as far as other specs that you can expect to see in these guys, they're gonna have N F.

  • C on the back as well as wireless charging is going to remain protected.

  • As expected, you're gonna have a USB type C connector on the both of them.

  • They will also have active edge sensors, so the squeeze functionality.

  • Some people, like actually don't use it that much when I'm on the pixel phones.

  • But the squeeze feature function, you could use it to launch Google assistant, for example.

  • That's gonna be baked into these next 10 devices as well.

  • Okay, so obviously these air mock ups were early stages.

  • Right now, this is the kind of things that factories air getting their hands on, as I mentioned earlier in the video, in order to create cases for upcoming devices.

  • Now, generally speaking, by the time we get to this phase, you have something very close to the eventual finished product off course.

  • I cannot guarantee that.

  • But it's starting to look fairly evident that this square camera cut out design is here to stay, and it may actually make its way into Maur manufacturers smartphones from different brands than you may have originally expected.

  • So, of course, it started with the wall we made Siri's, though they put their square cut Oh, in the center of the device.

  • Now it's coming more mainstream.

  • It looks like Google's going to do it.

  • It looks like Apple's going to do it.

  • So you guys asked for more cameras and now, this is the reality you're living in.

  • What I actually think is a more interesting development on this next and pixel phone is the front layout to not do a notch to not aim at something bez Elice to embrace this forehead, which is going to be fairly substantial, you know, right around here, in exchange potentially for this advanced facial recognition capability, our customer is going to be in for that.

  • Are they going to look at this phone and see something ultra modern comparative to the one plus seven pro, for example, or even the most recent apo device that I featured that have essentially no basil?

  • Is that a transaction that people want to make a trade off that they're willing to go for?

  • It appears Google they're making their best.

  • That facial recognition is the futuristic unlocked method.

  • This is not gonna have a fingerprint scanner on it, And in order to do that, you just have to have some components hidden in a basil notch.

  • And they got so much terrible feedback on a previous notch on the XL version of the pixel that they're just like forget about it.

  • That's the implementation.

  • They're going with?

  • I guess it's up to you whether you think that's a decent trade off or not.

  • But there you have it.

  • Ah, preliminary.

  • Look at what might be the upcoming pixel next generation pixel in its normal size.

  • And, of course, the XL size looks like three iPhone, and the pixel might have a lot in common.

now, as you can tell, I got a couple of different models in front of me.


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