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  • tell, sir.

  • Way to put it up.

  • Got my main hope Put up straight off the black hole.

  • Put it up.

  • Last fire is put up straight out The bank Put it up here about going up.

  • I got along with the rest home and ever made with us.

  • We got a club just doing my house.

  • Got a really good run.

  • My house.

  • I gotta wash my risk of the house.

  • My best Keep in my house.

  • Make sleep in her hotel now.

  • And when you taught me talking on Captain your damn day looking like taps I was always waiting for the Paps people.

  • Army bitch!

  • My lap Beverly here that.

  • But it still had a rather that scratch down in this camp Stern Many of like a smart aleck to be Rather turn, baby, get late Middle men get better Troubled Rest, Broots.

  • Dhammika killer too.

  • You have my expert among the foot ruffles Lean back in the backs of sunlight Shutters alive Said I love back started bitch like on my mind keeps stick on a seat Hearts beat I'm a zone six Nick and rat and fucking bitch In the time I get burned Beach week five My girl.

  • You need a way Bigger surf But west down my plane got mashed up with Vegas.

  • Well, try forgot Middle quitting jobs.

  • Then I give them to my next.

  • I gave a lot of start up when they put her hand around.

  • I sent my Ethiopian and pray at the temple.

  • I felt her heart with diamonds.

  • Just praying.

  • She takes hold of water.

  • Some for me.

  • Ben Efficient.

  • She caught the Holy Ghost when I am president.

tell, sir.


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フューチャー&ヤング Thug - キャップなし(スーパースライミー (Future & Young Thug - No Cap (Super Slimey))

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