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  • justice as much as I love you.

  • Yeah, Just drop me crazy pieces.

  • You're me.

  • Your do it.

  • So wait, please.

  • Yeah, you're Hello.

  • Yeah, the major ones is a practice nasty man.

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  • I was Robin and helping your dirty stuff.

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  • Thank you.

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  • I know.

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  • He had a real cool groove in the stem.

  • Richmond, we're captains.

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  • Bacon.

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  • A big, full boat gang.

  • Ebola Kubasik loss meant meant by leaking flux as you're on the ropes is over.

  • Right?

  • All right, he's going.

justice as much as I love you.


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ロビン - 'Die in Your Arms' ブラインドオーディション|ザ・ヴォイスキッズ|VTM (Robin - 'Die in Your Arms' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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