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  • breathless Made you a star of the new way.

  • Why do you think the French fell in love with you?

  • They fell in love with the character.

  • Get me instead.

  • And Who is that?

  • Who is Jane Sieberg?

  • 1,000,000 Americans look at you and they see an escape.

  • They want the girl from the Midwest, America's sweetheart.

  • I've been trying to get away from that girl my whole life.

  • This country is at war with itself.

  • Vietnam.

  • The oppression of black people in America.

  • It's the same disgusting racism the revolution needs.

  • Movie stars describe.

  • It's free publicity.

  • She has a history of donations to civil rights groups.

  • She's a sympathizer, sir.

  • I think she could be useful.

  • You must be some kind of crazy to come to this neighborhood in that car.

  • Was that my money you were chasing?

  • It wasn't me.

  • Hello?

  • Hello.

  • They've tapped our phones.

  • They're listening.

  • I can hear these little clicks on the line.

  • I think it's the governing.

  • Where've you been?

  • Captures late at the office, Our jobs to cheap in our image.

  • In the eyes of the public, there's things that I've been ordered to dio.

  • Those pictures from her bedroom are you having an affair?

  • They're pushing her too hard.

  • She's coming apart.

  • This comes from above.

  • You can stand that.

  • I might be a part of something more important than books or articles or movies.

  • What are you a part of?

  • Except the end of two marriages.

  • Who is it?

  • Swing by your limousine, open your legs and your checkbook, and you think that gives you the right to anything you want.

  • I only ever wanted to help.

  • Well, that doesn't make you a better person.

  • That makes you a tourist to defame.

  • Somebody who speaks out against their government is a type of persecution.

  • You run around with a handful of nails looking for across the dying.

  • You deserve to know the truth.

  • Woman has her secrets.

breathless Made you a star of the new way.


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セバーグ 予告編 (2019) (SEBERG Trailer (2019))

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