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  • Hi, guys.

  • Welcome back to my channel today.

  • I am doing a makeup tutorial.

  • Haven't done this one in a long time.

  • And I decided because I'm going to an event I might as well the advantage of the makeup I'm gonna be applying because I'm actually going to play with Charlotte's Tilbury new collection for pillow talk.

  • This is not a sponsor video, but you guys know that her lipstick pillow talk is literally my Holy Grail and something that I've been using and wearing for a long time now.

  • So when she came out with a blushing like a whole line of products with those tones, I knew it was meant to be.

  • I'm going to use these products to create this soft, beautiful look at that.

  • I feel like, really matches everything.

  • What I truly love about the pillow talk is the fact that it's like kind of an earthy, nudie butt pinkish tone.

  • It's an amazing kind of staple color to have in your lipsticks, and I've seen it on so many different variations of skin tones, and it looks amazing on all of them.

  • So I'm just gonna start and used rosewater toe freshen up my skin cause I just woke up from my nap, huh?

  • Gonna use dinars?

  • Radiant tinted moisturizer.

  • Little half for the pregnancy, double chin.

  • The way I like to do makeup is kind of There's no rules for me.

  • I just apply whatever feels right.

  • I love using this nude sticks bond eBay for a little bit of shadowing to create a little more shape for my face.

  • There's a great job would bringing all the assets to the main stage.

  • I'm gonna put a little bit of powder, and we're gonna move right away to the shadows and I palate for Charlotte.

  • So the first pallet that is out in the pillow talk is this one.

  • It's the luxury palette and you have the prime and hence pop and smoke.

  • And it's beautiful new tones.

  • I've used it.

  • Actually.

  • In one look before, a lot of you guys asked me the kind of makeup you.

  • So here you go.

  • You have it.

  • So I'm just taking this one as my base.

  • Charlotte Tilbury has this power that a lot of makeup companies don't have.

  • Where she's really the queen of subtle beauty.

  • She creates such high end products that they perform, she knows what a woman needs.

  • And you obviously want to make sure that you blended.

  • I wanted to be very subtle.

  • I wanted to feel this is, to me the perfect ballot for a bride If you were getting married and looking for the ride Natural, beautiful shades.

  • This is the way to go, like, enhance under eye to create a little more shadow.

  • And I'm talking about this one.

  • No, I am not gonna use the pop one, which is this really global on?

  • I feel like it doesn't really go with the event that I'm going to, so I'm not gonna waste my time, But this is obviously a more kinda to bring a little more glitz into it.

  • So instead, I'm gonna use my arm, ask it of eliminators in.

  • Just put it here.

  • I want to create a little bit of a shimmery what ish kind of look.

  • Then I'm gonna take this and just apply here in the corners of my eye.

  • Okay, Once that's done, I'm gonna take the Charlotte Tilbury film star, Bronze and Glow, and I'm gonna use the bronzer to bring a little more enhancing to my face.

  • just the first thing that I saw in the corner of my eyes.

  • So I just grabbed it.

  • I'm almost done with the eyes to give the guy a little more definition.

  • What I'd like to do is when I use colors ladies that are softer I like to use a brown pencil to create my eyeliner to define my lash lines is actually for browse.

  • It's cream gel, brow and brown from benefit.

  • And I'm gonna just put it on my last line and just pull it out this way, we are not putting anything too aggressive is black.

  • That would be to contrast for this type of makeup and just create a softer line.

  • I put myself in the eye.

  • That's I'm crying.

  • I'm not crying.

  • You're crying, and I personally love to pull my eyeliner a little bit out and up over the lash line just to create a little bit more of a patio, okay?

  • And I am basically done with my eyes.

  • So now what I'm gonna do is apply mascara.

  • I've created the bedroom eyes.

  • Now let's move to the rest of the face.

  • So the next thing that she came out with this gorgeous, gorgeous cheek to sheikh glow blusher.

  • So basically, you see there's a little tent of glow here and then the pivotal color for the cheeks Oh, my God.

  • So dreamy, Done.

  • And then to the lips is the pre shape and re size lip liner and pillow talk color.

  • This is as a mention, my absolute favorite lip kid ever.

  • So we're just going to line the lips and was shaped.

  • And then once we're done with that, we're gonna take this little product that started all of this and apply it to the lips before she came out with this line.

  • Actually, like the blush and everything, I used to use this lipstick as eye shadow and as a blush.

  • So I'm really happy she decided to actually make them into their own stand alone products.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Under here, you don't really see kind of the glowing nice because of the light, because I see it right here.

  • He's gonna put some the oremus right here and a little bit.

  • And this is it.

  • Guys, this is my quick little makeup for a little sexy, a little flirty, a look using the new Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk line.

  • Have you ever tried the pillow talk?

  • If it's the lipstick or any other Shall vertebrae products, I'm wondering if there's anything I'm missing out on.

  • Thank you guys so much.

  • I need to get ready for my love.

Hi, guys.


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