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  • yo about thing that sticks in my craw when I was six and father hitting my mom, right?

  • With all the pitches are drawn Shit that I've already witnessed.

  • This probably twisted my thoughts.

  • Here is drama, but Mom and my mom, you wind down Always the walls of the noise is starting to feel like, you know, talk pissed on the carpet Stopped it so hard doctors had to put a townie killed Much of what this mother looks like I'm calm inside on the ticking time bomb because it is small The fucker who sticks his dick in my mom Last night he said I left the kitchen later but he walked in there this morning.

  • He purposely flipped it.

  • Take Reiss.

  • We counted 69 times.

  • What?

  • I mean, we just started hitting way Just if I could get my weight up.

  • But I'm just the second grader.

  • This drink is big.

  • I've been reading it.

  • They should call it quits Sinai fantasizing at night they sleep in it just the right time, sneak up with a lethal injection and put them down like they did.

  • My God, I'm talking euthanasia, Nate, like kids in Taiwan, this fucking just like psycho like neighbors called Police are so many bad recharges this too.

  • Likely seeing my mom and him late Bye.

  • Just me, my extra walk and just try not to piss this guy off.

  • But this is what I think.

  • You're going into the fifth and I'm tall.

  • I'm five foot six on my block.

  • I'm the toughest kid, but I got way bigger fish to fry, which is why I'm trying to get this Mr Fly off the handle away for the fist of flat.

  • Put this guy in a pine box.

  • He's always looking for tonight.

  • So this Christmas, some color books in some crabs come land on the floor in the living room with some friends covering.

  • He walks by, kicks my arm and goes on just for Mom.

  • And she's rushing to.

  • My defence took off when she would hit the fan, slammed the door and he'd be with an aluminum bat.

  • He kicked it could it is his room.

  • He fell right at the foot of my bed with me.

  • Just don't make that face so bad.

  • Things on the pussy's get the bully funnel leak, it says Stop.

  • Actually pissed enough to Philip to Lena Winn and buried him next to my daughter.

  • And if I go to juvie for this, tell him.

yo about thing that sticks in my craw when I was six and father hitting my mom, right?


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