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  • checkup in your Google account is an easy way to check in.

  • Strengthen the security of your passwords.

  • To use it.

  • Go to the password manager in the security section of your Google account or log into passwords dot google dot com.

  • Click on check passwords and verify your account.

  • Then the checkup will begin.

  • You'll see results in three categories.

  • Passwords that may have been compromised in 1/3 party.

  • Data breach passwords that are being reused across different sites and passwords that are considered weak.

  • Click on a category to see which sites may require password change.

  • From here, you can view, update or delete any at risk passwords.

  • To update a password, go to that site on the Web or open it Zach.

  • Then simply save your new password when Google prompts you to.

  • When creating new passwords or updating old ones on chrome, Google suggest auto generated passwords.

  • It's recommended you used these very strong passwords and have them automatically saved in your password manager.

  • In general, longer and impersonal passwords are the most secure, and using a different password for every site you visit is recommended.

  • Using a password manager is the best way to keep track of all those passwords instead of writing them down or trying to memorize them.

  • Visit passwords dot google dot com to see you're safe passwords and run your own password checkup today.

checkup in your Google account is an easy way to check in.


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保存したすべてのパスワードのセキュリティを確認する : パスワードをチェックしてみよう (Check the security of all your saved passwords : Take a Password Checkup)

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